Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained (In Detail)

This article contains spoilers Destiny: Winx Legend Season 2.Destiny: Winx Legend Season 2 ends on a dramatic cliffhanger, with Bloom defeating the blood witch Sebastian and heading to the Dark Realm. Inspired by the popular Nikolodeon TV series and featuring comic book adaptations, Destiny: Winx Legend The story takes place in the fairy tale world of Alfea. The protagonist is a girl named Bloom who possesses an ancient power known as Dragon Flame.However, this mysterious connection proved problematic, and in Destiny: Winx Legend End of Season 2.

It has been a thousand years since I last saw Long Yan. Destiny: Winx Legend This is eventually explained, revealing that Bloom’s mother was the last person to use it thousands of years ago; she knew her daughter had inherited it, so she put Bloom into magical stasis and then abandoned Alfea To a mysterious dimension called the Dark Kingdom. When the blood witch village Aster Dell was attacked, Bloom was brought out of stasis as an infant and she grew up on Earth with no knowledge of her history and heritage.Unfortunately, Bloom’s secret Winx Legend Only the few Blood Witches who survived the Aster know the stories of the past, and their leader Sebastian has dedicated his life to stealing the power of the Dragon Flame and resurrecting his lost loved ones. Doing so would most likely destroy the entire alternate world.

The stakes are higher than ever Destiny: Winx Legend In season two, Bloom and her friends fight to defeat the Blood Witch. Bloom’s own efforts to contain the Dragon Flame didn’t help matters, leaving her vulnerable to manipulation and leading to the death of Rosalind, the headmaster of Alfea Academy.Depend on Destiny: Winx Legend After Season 2 ends, it’s unclear whether Bloom will be hailed as a hero or viewed as a villain.

Dark Realm Explanation

fairies Destiny: Winx Legend Although powerful, even an immortal’s abilities are limited. However, by stealing the powers of multiple fairies, Sebastian is able to open a portal to the Dark Kingdom. It appears to be a very dangerous place, inhabited by terrifying creatures that pose an even greater threat to Alfea than the Burnt Ones seen in season one. There are hints that the Dark Realm may be some kind of magical underworld, as Sebastian believes he can combine the power of the Dragon Flame with the Dark Realm’s own magic to resurrect everyone killed in the Aster.

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The portal to the Dark Realm can only be closed from the other side, forcing Bloom to pass through it and use dragon fire to save Alfea. Visually, the design of the Dark Kingdom is clearly inspired by Kingdom of the Dark Elf. Winx Club comics. The terrain here is rugged, and the only structures Bloom saw were made of pointed rocks. If the Dark Realm was indeed influenced by the Dark Elf Realm, then Broome would know that it has its own inhabitants – and that they are very hostile indeed.

Will Destiny: Winx Season 2 end with Bloom’s mother?

Fate the Winx Saga Bloom's Mother

However, Bloom has an ulterior motive for entering the Dark Realm. She has been experiencing mysterious visions of a woman living in this realm; these visions likely began the moment Sebastian opened the portal. Bloom believed the visions were of her mother, which is certainly possible. Although the fairy is not immortal, her mother is likely able to live for thousands of years due to the unique properties of the dark realm. She is chained, perhaps meaning she is trapped.

Bloom’s story is clearly related to Winx Club The animated series also incorporates ideas from the comics. There, the Dark Elves proved capable of erasing the memory of anyone who strayed into their realm. Assuming that the woman Bloom met in the Dark Realm was indeed her mother, it’s likely that she had erased all memories of her daughter. The interesting question is whether Bloom’s mother still possesses the Dragon Flame, making her a match for Bloom, or if it was passed down to her daughter when she was born. The latter seems more likely.

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Elsa, Stella and Terra transform and get wings of their own

Destiny Winx Legend Terra

Destiny: Winx Legend In Season 2, Bloom’s three friends unleash their greatest power, a magic thought lost – transforming into what the animated series calls “theirs”Faerie form.“This follows the legend Winx Club; character Destiny: Winx Legend Restricted in human form and must transform into a winged fairy to gain access to higher level abilities. Bloom unleashed her fairy form in season one, and her three friends did the same in season two, overpowering Sebastian with their magic. It seems that this transformation is only possible when the fairies invest all their emotions (positive and negative) and draw them together. Bloom’s appearance apparently revived long-forgotten teachings.

Why Musa doesn’t want his magic back

Destiny Fairy Legend Musa

Most fairies embrace their magic, but Destiny: Winx Legend In season two, Moussa chose a different path. As a psychic fairy, Moussa has struggled with her psychic powers and desperately wishes she could block out the thoughts of those around her. She eventually concluded that the Mind Fairy’s powers were more of a curse than a blessing, and decided to limit her magic.Instead, she chose to train with experts, in Destiny: Winx LegendSilva Moussa has proven that she is capable even without her strength.

Destiny: Winx Club Season 2 Ends with New Monster

Destiny Winx Legend Dark

Unfortunately, the final scene Destiny: Winx Legend A new monster has appeared on Alfea.This creature seems to correspond to the main villain in Dhaka Winx Club second season. Also known as the Prince of Darkness or the Shadow Phoenix, Dakkar possesses powers that are the opposite of Bloom’s dragon fire. It’s possible that he slipped out of the portal before the Dark Realm closed. Additionally, considering that Dhaka has always been portrayed as the polar opposite of Bloom, it’s also possible that he was naturally transported to Alfea simply because she moved into his most powerful position. Destiny: Winx Legend Season three looks set to feature the most dangerous evil yet.

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Every Death in Destiny: Winx Season 2Destiny Winx Legend Rosalind

world Destiny: Winx Legend A lot has changed from season one, and by the end of season two, some of the main characters have died. The standout is of course Rosalind; an original character who takes over Alfea School and attempts to become Bloom’s mentor. Rosalind’s murder of Dorian was bound to be revealed sooner or later, and unfortunately for the Dark Elves, it was revealed as Broome struggled to control the Dragonfire. She died shortly after her trusted lieutenant Andreas was killed after being unable to save him from the Blood Witch.

Beatrice’s story also ends in tragedy.Often compared to Draco Malfoy harry potter franchise, Beatrice tries to pit the two sides against each other. She is eventually forced to take sides, interfering with Sebastian’s plans and preventing him from absorbing the power of dragon fire. Beatrice never truly believed she belonged here, but her death played a key role in Stella’s journey, causing grief and grief that helped Stella unlock her faerie form. Sebastian soon joined the ranks of his victims and was killed when Bloom, Elsa, Stella and Terra teamed up against him.Beatrix is ​​buried in a cemetery where her sacrifice is paid tribute to, proving that she still had the possibility of redemption Destiny: Winx Legend.

Destiny: Winx Legend Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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