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Family Hotel is a game that allows you to develop your hotel management skills and turn it into a famous brand. Don’t start with a vacant piece of land with usable potential or advantage. In a dusty old manor, players will help Emily and Max realize their dreams. Replace all you can with items that are still available. Turn this place into a hotel that serves many guests and generates revenue. A Family Hotel is not a place for you to run a business in your arms. You need to do the smallest things to build the hotel like removing and replacing the signs.

A place that has deteriorated but cannot be left out. It was still resilient, Emily and Max had realized. They shook hands and together completed the first task. Players help them strategize in this place. If you want to try a different model, such as a mansion, try the Matchington Mansion. Or having an attractive drink bar at Manor Café is also an interesting experience. With Grand Hotel, make all the beautiful thoughts in your heart come true. People don’t know that this is the old place before.

Download the mod Homestay – build a hotel from ruins

Transforming the dilapidated landscape of an unattended estate into a fully booked hotel is no easy feat. Players need to do a lot of work to help 2 characters plan a specific plan. First, you’ll need to clear up debris everywhere. All are covered with a thick layer of dust and cannot be cleaned. Homestay gives you the power of a designer. A classic or modern hotel that sets an example for you, make a change here. The scale is not limited, the hotel can develop according to the long-term vision.

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hotel design

In a hotel with many different rooms, at first glance they all have one thing in common: they are all covered with dust. Seeing that scene, of course, no one wants to go to work. But to fulfill your hotel dream, you have to do it yourself. Family hotels cannot hire staff or people who can help you with tasks you don’t want. Create your own idea and realize it through your own actions. Introduce the design of each room or make them look similar in layout. Of course, your guests will not be surprised if the construction of the hotel is so simple.

Download the family hotel mod

liquidation of old furniture

Originally, this place had not been used for a long time. Everything seems to have turned sour and not as safe as it once was. Taking advantage of some old items can save you some money, but you will also need to replace some items that are no longer usable. Be customer-oriented, put yourself in that position, walk into the hotel under the old carpet, are you satisfied? If you don’t want your hotel building to get wet, replace everything you can. Family Hotel is both a manager and a supervisor for players.

Mini game match 3

Join a matching puzzle game to get items. You can use it to decorate your hotel and make it more magical than ever. The hotel has been restored from what appears to be a derelict place, but there is a lot behind it that needs to be addressed. Family Hotel always gives players many options to build a luxury villa.

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android family hotel mod

Family Hotel has stories about the hotel mixed with levels. You will also need to perform tasks to complete some items during maintenance and development. A great idea goes along with both characters and helps them make it happen. Download the Family Hotel mod and make the hotel space with loads of shiny furniture forget that it was once a deserted place.

Download Homestay MOD APK for Android (Free Shopping)

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