Fact Check: Was the MH370 Boeing abducted by UFOs? Viral claim debunked 

Videos doing rounds on the internet have once again reignited discussions about the missing MH370 flight. In the videos, an unidentified object was seen following the plane and people are now claiming that the MH370 was taken by UFOs.

For those unaware, the Malaysian flight went missing on March 8, 2014, and was never seen again. It was carrying 227 passengers at the time, and was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The latest video of the flight was shared on Reddit, on the subreddit r/UFOs on August 7, 2023. The video was an ultraviolet footage and it showed a plane moving, with three dots were encircling it. The user u/Voelkero shared this video on Reddit with the caption:

“Someone here might have information about when this was taken and where.”

However, it is worth noting that the viral video has no connection with Malaysian Airlines’ flight MH370.

The MH370 Boeing was not abducted by UFOs


According to Newsweek, the video that is garnering massive attention online and is being shared as the clip of Malaysian airline flight being abducted by UFOs was shared in 2014, but made no explicit mention of the Boeing. It simply stated “Airliner and UFOs.”

Newsweek also reported that the second part of the now-viral footage was captured by a satellite that was not even launched at the time of the Malaysian flight’s disappearance. As per HoaxEye, this footage is of a military satellite, NROL 77, which was launched later.

Internet users react to the viral claim of the Malaysian flight being abducted by UFOs

Several users who came across the footage said that it is very likely that it could be the missing MH370 flight. However, others discredited the viral claim and said that people should not spread such fake news.

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Social media users react to the news of flight getting abducted by UFOs (Image via snip from Reddit/r/UFOs)Reaction of internet users (Image via snip from Reddit/r/UFOs)Reaction of internet users (Image via snip from Reddit/r/UFOs)

The Malaysian Boeing airplane, which disappeared into the Indian Ocean in March 2014, has led to numerous investigations and theories, but the exact reasons for the plane’s disappearance continue to remain shrouded in mystery.

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