Extremely rare half female, half male bird spotted in the wild

Nature never ceases to surprise people, and this extremely rare bird caught on camera is one such example. What makes this creature unusual? According to reports, it is a ‘wild green honeycreeper with distinct half green, or female, and half blue, male, plumage’.

The picture shows a half male, half female of an extremely rare bird. (University of Otago)

The University of Otago shared about this unusual bird in a blog post. They added that university professor and zoologist, Hamish Spencer, came across the creature during his vacation when amateur ornithologist, John Murillo, spotted it in the wild.

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“Many bird watchers can go a lifetime without seeing a bilateral gynandromorph in any bird species. The phenomenon is extremely rare in birds, I don’t know of a single example from New Zealand. It is very striking, I was very privileged to see it,” said Professor Spencer.

What are gynandromorphs?

Professor Spencer explained that these are “animals with male and female characteristics in a species that usually has separate sexes”. This phenomenon is commonly observed in insects, spiders, butterflies, and even lizards or rodents.

“This phenomenon results from an error during female cell division to produce an egg, followed by double fertilization with two sperm,” he added.

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Source: newstars.edu.vn

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