Everything you need to know about the origin of the first continent of the universe

What sets the researcher apart from the crowd is his strong curiosity and will to find answers. For example, a researcher from Cardiff University, Whales, tried to find out when the first continents of the universe were formed.

Jane Greaves was a researcher who tried to find possible answers. In his research entitled “When did the first exocontinents form?”, the professor of astronomy at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy stated that the attempt to search for other habitable planets in the solar system can be better if the relationship between continents and life is understood in a better way.

Greaves states that by studying the radioactive elements found in the Earth’s core, it should be possible to analyze when the first continents were formed in the universe. The researcher further states that radioactive elements were created from the collision of neutron stars. This leads us to learn more about the universe by analyzing the Earth’s mantle.

How are life and continents on the planet connected?

There are so many elements that are essential to life. Is plate tectonics one of the elements essential for life? Well, not really. However, plate tectonics plays a key role in regulating Earth’s temperature by removing heat from the core.

Thermal control ensures that there is no excessive heat build-up. Why is it necessary to prevent it? Well, excessive heat could damage Earth’s protective magnetosphere. This further leads us to dive deeply into the evolution of life.

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In addition, plate tectonics allows the positioning of the Earth in the habitable “Goldilocks zone”. Interestingly, there was a time when plate tectonics was not so active, but early life appeared on Earth. However, plate tectonics became important for the evolution and persistence of complex life forms on Earth, such as human life forms.

The goal of the research conducted by Greave is to stimulate the search for habitable exoplanets. If plate tectonics is somehow proven to be important for life, then it would be easy to look for habitable planets because the focus of the study would include rocky planets.

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What is inside the Earth?

Radioactive isotopes such as thorium-232, potassium-40 and uranium-238 that emit heat when they decay are found within the Earth’s core.

According to Greaves, the history of the universe can be traced by focusing on such elements.

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What is welfare research?

Greave’s work gives us a broader perspective in the endeavor to understand the elements discussed above. The findings point to the fact that the appearance of the continents on Earth shows the middle.

A little about tectonics

It was about 3 billion years ago when plate tectonics began on Earth. This happened approximately 9.5 billion years after the creation of the universe. Greaves points to the fact that the continents formed on thin disks were actually present 2 billion years before the appearance of the Earth.

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Moreover, the findings of her study also say that in the case of most planets, the formation of continents takes place more slowly compared to the blue planet.

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