Endangered Nilgiri Marten with yellow-coloured throat leaves people surprised

An IAS officer took to X to share pictures of the beautiful and endangered animal the Nilgiri Kuna. In her post, she also shared how Tamil Nadu is working to conserve this lesser-known creature. Two pictures and a video of the animal will probably leave you in awe.

The image shows the endangered Nilgiri marten with chocolate colored fur and a yellow throat. (X/@supriyasahuias)

IAS officer Supriya Sahu shared the post. “Most people have never even heard of the Nilgiri mink, a beautiful little pupa with chocolate-colored fur and a canary-yellow throat. This beautiful animal used to be easy to see, but now it is on the IUCN Red List. The Nilgiri Kuna is endemic to the Western Ghats. TN Govt has planned to conserve lesser known species like the Nilgiri marten through the newly announced ‘TN Endangered Species Conservation Fund’ initiative,” she wrote. Video credit given by “APW, Thiru.Senthil, Chinnamanur Range, Megamalai Division”.

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One of the pictures shows the animal sitting on top of a small rock. Another photo shows him peeking out from behind a tree. What’s amazing about the pictures is the animal’s bright yellow neck against its chocolate-colored fur.

As for the video, it shows animals running on the road. At one point he stops and looks at a person standing on the other side of the road. The video ends with him disappearing into the bushes.

Check out this post on Nilgiri Marten:

The post was shared two days ago. It has since garnered more than 68,000 views. The share additionally collected almost 1700 likes. People posted different comments while reacting to the tweet.

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What did X users say about this post on Nilgiri Marten?

“It is unfortunate that the Nilgiri marten is endangered, but it is heartening to see initiatives like the TN Endangered Species Conservation Fund aimed at protecting lesser-known species like the Nilgiri marten. Awareness raising and conservation efforts are key to preserving biodiversity,” user X posted. “This is a beautiful Nilgiri marten… Hard to see this wonderful animal!” shared another.

“The Nilgiri marten is a true jewel of our biodiversity. It is heartening to see efforts being made to protect such lesser known species. Let’s all do our part to ensure their survival,” posted a third. “This is so cute,” added a fourth. “Omg… I didn’t know this beautiful animal existed in the western ghats… thanks for sharing with us… we need to protect these species,” wrote a fifth.

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