Elden Ring: How To Get Terra Magicus

one of the strongest magic Elden’s ring It’s Terra Magicus, a must-have spell for any mage, especially one-hit-kill builders. Terra Magicus places an Arcane Sigil that increases magic damage from any source by 35% for 30 seconds. Such spells will become very beneficial in battles with allies or soul summoners to attract bosses or enemies with a lot of HP. Elden’s ringHowever, keep in mind that the effect of the spell will only be applied to those within the radius of the marker and will not persist if the operator is not present.

To obtain Terra Magicus, the Tarnished must complete a dungeon called the Academy Crystal Cave, a cave located under the western cliff of Raya Lucaria Academy. Naturally, this endeavor requires the player to reach Liurnia, the lake district north of Limgrave. To enter Liurnia, adventurers must defeat Godric in Stormveil Castle or traverse a remote ridge road north of Storm Mountain.

Once they reached Liurnia, the Stained Men had to go to the Site of Grace in the Temple District, south of the Glintstone Dragon Smarag’s lair. Head north from here, near the edge of the cliff at the bottom of the academy. Adventurers will soon arrive at the entrance to the Academy’s Crystal Cave, which requires a Stone Sword Key × 2 to enter. The first part of the cave is very dark, so players should equip a flashlight or lantern before venturing any further.

Terra Magicus’ Magical Place in Elden Ring

The Academy’s crystal cave is filled with Raya Lucaria Mages lurking in the shadows. Although their spells are easy to dodge, Tarnished are quickly overwhelmed when hit with bullets from multiple directions. Therefore, those who want to get the magic land should overcome the mage and rush into the lair of the dungeon boss. From the Land of Grace, go down the tunnel until you reach an area with water. Run past a gathering of mages, then immediately turn right at the next corner. Keep going until you come to a wooden door. The next room is guarded by two enemies, one of which is much stronger than the normal Rayalukaria mage. The area below is the boss room of the Academy’s Crystal Cave.

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Dungeon bosses are a pair of crystal men, one holding a spear and the other holding a staff. Crystal Man has a high resistance to damage before losing some of his HP. Therefore, those who are tarnished should use some form of physical or blunt damage to take them down. After Crystal Man is defeated, cross the room and climb the tower above the Academy’s Crystal Cave. Climb the ladder to the roof to find a chest containing the Terra Magicus Sorcery Spell Elden’s ring.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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