Elden Ring: All Gesture Secrets & Locations

Eldon’s Ring Giving players a variety of gestures can affect gameplay in unpredictable ways. They can be found almost anywhere and can be unlocked in a number of different ways. Although the gesture is Eldon’s Ring Primarily a means of communication between players, some can elicit responses from NPCs and even unlock secret areas. There are two locations Eldon’s Ring The community discovered that it can be unlocked with a gesture; both require the Erudite gesture and are located in the Lunia of the Lake.

Eldon’s Ring This isn’t the first FromSoftware game to lock content with gestures. indeed, Dark Souls 3 go beyond this concept Eldon’s Ring By hiding the entire secret area behind the Dragon’s Way gesture. This area is called Archdragon Peak, and in it, players can find many unique items, weapons, and even bosses that they would never have seen without knowing how to enter the secret area. this secret.

Gestures in Elden Ring

gesture Eldon’s Ring This can be done by opening the menu, navigating to the locations in the lower right corner, and using the action buttons to select a location. Players can only select up to six people at a time, but can switch to any one they’ve earned by following the correct hint button displayed at the bottom of the screen. For those playing games on PlayStation, the gesture can be linked to the controller’s directional movements. To use it in-game, players simply hold down the triangle and perform the action related to the gesture they want to use.

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Brad’s Gesture Secret in Elden Ring

Eldon Ring Misty Forest Brad Ella Church Ruins

You can find an example of a gesture to interact with an NPC in Blaidd’s quest line. In the Misty Forest east of Limgrave, the player can follow the Howling Wolf to the Mist Forest Ruins to find Brad for the first time. At first, he will be very high at the top of the ruins and will not be able to interact with the player until the player visits the Kale merchant, which includes Kale. Elden’s ring Traveling merchant, learn the snap gesture at Elleh Church. The player can then approach Brad and do the move, he will jump down from the wreckage to talk to the player.

Not sure where exactly you need to be to uncover the secret of this gesture Eldon’s Ring? Watch the YouTube video below from Doomed to Die to see where to use the footage!

Patches’ Gesture Secrets in ‘Elden Ring’

Location map of Eldon Ring Darkwater Cavern . patch

Another place where you can use gestures to unlock secrets Eldon’s Ring Patches can be seen, he can be first found in Darkwater Cave near Darkwater River. Inside the cave, players will culminate in a boss battle with FromSoftware’s recurring character patches. After he’s lost about 75% of his health, Patches will surrender and if the player stops attacking him, they’ll get a “kneel for forgiveness” gesture.

If the player attacks Patch again after becoming friends with Patch, he will ask the player to surrender when his health is low, after which the player can use the “kneel for forgiveness” gesture. in the game Eldon’s Ring Make him stop attacking. Doing so will reward the player with an extremely penitent gesture.

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Gesture secret learned from Elden Ring

Eldon's Ring Transformation Tower Map Location Memory Stone

Two places where players can use gestures Eldon’s Ring The new areas to unlock are the Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower in Liurnia of the Lakes. The Transfiguration Tower is located in the southwest area of ​​the map. It only requires the player to use the Lore gesture in front of the statue in the middle of the tower to create a magical ladder that leads to one of the Elden’s ring memory stone. To unlock the Gesture of Lore, the player needs to give Topus, found in the Aerys Chapel, the second Amphibole key the player finds in the Layalucaria Academy.

Looking forward to discovering more Elden’s ring Gesture secret but missed the chance to find the Key of Amphibole at Raya Lukaria Academy? Watch the video below from RetroGAMEz for the actual location of the second Glintstone Key!

During Raya Lucaria, players should take the time to make sure they collect one of these as well Elden’s ring Landing crown, necessary for the secret of the last gesture Eldon Ring. There are several types of Amphibole Crowns, but the first one is easy to find when the player is near the Class Ruins of Grace School.

From this Grace site, the player must turn left into the hallway and click on the empty bookshelf on the other side of the room to find one of the Elden’s ring The walls are not real. Then, jump left from the balcony and climb up the rock at the end of the path to find the Peridot Crown.

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Eldon Ring Edge retrofit tower location

second place for learned gesture Eldon’s Ring Hiding a secret is the Edge Transition Tower, which can be found in the northeastern area of ​​Luna of the Lake. The tower has a magically locked door that requires the player to perform a learned gesture while wearing multiple amphibole crowns to unlock. Once this is done, climbing the refurbished Edge Tower will reward the player with Seahorse Cannon and Seahorse Gavel spells.

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