Edeka brand products from the shelves – Popular candy banished away suddenly

Edeka has banned the products of three popular brands from its shelves, including the popular candy. A supermarket chain opens. Hamburg – Especially on Ch

Edeka has banned the products of three popular brands from its shelves, including the popular candy. A supermarket chain opens.

Hamburg – Especially at Christmas time, when sweets are especially popular, the supermarket chain Edeka is a difficult strategy. In order to achieve the best possible delivery conditions, Edeka has boycotted the popular products of three brands and is withdrawing them from the shelves. Result for the customer: you cannot buy these products (at least at the moment) in Edeka.

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Edeka boycotts popular brands: Mars, Red Bull and Heineken will be affected

The products from the assortment of Edeka are popular items from the brands Mars, Heineken and Red Bull. As reported by the food magazine, there should be up to 56 articles in Mars products. Including M&M’s, Snickers and Amicelli, but also pet food like Pedigree. Mars or Whiskas alone will be spared, at least for now. In the case of Red Bull, Edeka boycotted a total of 21 items, and Heineken 14 products from the assortment.

+ In the case of Edeka brand products, Mars, Heineken and Red Bull land (for now) in the basket.©Patrick Seeger/dpa

Whether and when the products of the Mars, Heineken and Red Bull brands will be offered again by Edeka depends on the kindness of the corporations. However, for now they are backordered and customers have to rely on alternative products. While Edeka takes the advanced Aldi range of products from its shelves, but in a price fight.

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Edeka has banned products from popular brands due to a price war

It is not the first time that Edeka creates food groups. What looks special at Christmas time, in order for Edeka to cut into his own flesh, but already this year, with Nestlé brand products. After the supermarket chain managed to achieve better purchase prices by boycotting Nestlé products (reported by*), now try Mars, Red Bull and Heineken. Also the purchase of land put in last fall, so that with large corporations.

Even if perhaps some customers are less fond of the products of the mentioned brands, they are absent, trying to Edeka to take advantage of its market position. As the largest food retailer in Germany and part of the European purchasing alliance AgeCore, the retail giant has a market position that can put producers under pressure, and Edeka delivery wants to use it in this case for better conditions. Because even if Edeka, the economy is weak on the universe 1 of the largest food retailers, has company growth. And this type of price war is the easiest way for Edeka to save money through lower purchase prices. The company refuses to raise prices for customers.

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Fresh oysters, game medallions or sparkling wine, Christmas is a great number of fine dining this year on the shelves of Aldi, Lidl and co. The small luxury of the Festival has developed into an integral part of the discount store’s offer. It’s no wonder, because at no other time of the year are German consumers ready to spend so much money.

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“The weeks before Christmas for food retailers are the most important of the whole year. In the Christmas week, sales for discounters increase by 30 percent compared to an average week, for supermarkets by almost 60 percent,” says Hogen, trade expert of market researcher Nielsen, Fred.

According to Nielsen research, 97 percent of German citizens associate Christmas with good food, “only” 90 percent with gifts. On average, German households want to spend around 117 euros this year on food for the holidays, according to a recent survey by the consulting company Deloitte.

from that as far as possible, they have strengthened the discounters Hogen, according to their offer of Premium products for the Christmas season for years. “With a touch of luxury, you want to show the supermarket flag,” says an industry expert. However, despite these efforts, the time to stay ahead is firmly the domain of supermarkets such as Edeka or Rewe.

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