During working hours to see a doctor? A lawyer says

In the wet and cold period of the year, colds and flu are more common. The doctor’s waiting room is full, while the offices are partially empty. However

In the wet and cold period of the year, colds and flu are more common. The doctor’s waiting room is full, while the offices are partially empty. However, what should employees do when you wake up in the morning with a fever and a sore throat? Are you not allowed to be examined by a doctor during working hours? Or should you report a vacation day?

“Whoever is sick would go to the doctor during working hours,” explains Heiko Hecht, a lawyer specializing in labor law in Hamburg. The prerequisite for this is “acute suffering” that has affected the ability to work or even prevents it. Pain, fever, dizziness, as well as psychological emergencies can strongly limit the ability to work, and a visit to the doctor is justified. Important: it is necessary that the supervisor in advance about the appointment of the doctor.

Also, tests arranged by the doctor and from a medical point of view, only at a certain time, can be done during working hours – for example, taking blood in the morning, when the patient is still awake. “This employee examination is not voluntary, it is medically necessary,” says Štuka.

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A cold is not caused by a cold. Viruses cause a cold or flu. But: “When the body is fighting the beginning of the end of the infection and freezes, it can be the glorious icing on the cake,” says Martin Scherer, director of the Youwin Institute for General Medicine at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. . There is also a hypothesis that the nasopharyngeal mucosa is more susceptible to viral infections in the cold, but this has not been scientifically proven.

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things get a little more complicated when the suffering needs to be treated in the foreseeable future but is not currently acute. Classic case: During the lunch break, a piece of stuffing breaks off. “The seal is pain in the broken, it is acute suffering,” explains Heiko Hecht. The seal is prepared, otherwise, no problem, he advises you to make an appointment with the dentist in the morning or before noon – before or after actual working hours.

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Also have appointments for general check-ups, routine check-ups or annual dental cleanings should not be used during working hours, says Heiko Hecht. I invite you to schedule these appointments also on holidays or in the evening hours, in order to preserve peace in the workplace and among colleagues.

He would recommend the employee to see a doctor in case of acute Suffering, confirm? “Safe is safe,” says Heiko Hecht. The probative value of the medical certificate on incapacity for work was “unshakable”, and ultimately decisive, if one wanted to distinguish the ability to work from the inability to work.

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