Drug-Checking: Berlin investigates illegal drug ingredients

After much deliberation, we want to create a Berlin to test drugs like ecstasy pills. On Thursday, the pilot project of the so-called Drug-Checking

After much deliberation, we want to create a Berlin to test drugs like ecstasy pills. The model project of the so-called drug check starts on Thursday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said at the request of the German news agency.

Drug testing means that an official body chemically analyzes pills from the black market. According to the Ministry of Health, it is necessary to obtain the most accurate and comprehensive information about the ingredients and their dosages and publish the results.

Drug Screening: Black Market Drugs

30,000 euros are available for the project this year and 120,000 euros in the next year. Drug refill organizations in Berlin according to information and addiction get help. They should first obtain an Advisory Opinion on the legal feasibility of the offer. Due to the legal situation in Germany, Berlin is required for a trial offer according to the special Venüsbet permission of the Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Products.

Even in the case of success, it is completely open, when and how the drug was actually tested in Berlin. Carrier deployment foresees further steps: Among other things, the creation of deployment personnel as well as equipment and laboratory resources. A website is planned, the results should be published. The task of the holder is, therefore, to make the project known to the Consultations.

fans want to warn and educate

In other countries, such as Switzerland, drug testing has been in place for years. There is a warning online before high dose pills. Research carried out on behalf of the Senate showed that partygoers in Berlin often use drugs such as cannabis, amphetamines and ecstasy.

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Proponents of Drug-Checking with public warnings about dangerous pills and better access to consumers, so they can make you aware of the dangers. Some also hope that the manufacturer, due to the verification of safer products.

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