Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK (Menu/Immortal/Onehit) 4.17.0

APK information of Dragon Ball Legends MOD

  1. Damage multiplier
  2. regime god
  3. Complete all challenges

1. Modification menu [NEW]2. Attack multiplier (x1 ~ x100) [ONLY WORK IF “ONE HIT KILL” IS DEACTIVATED]3. Defense Factor (x1 ~ x100) [ONLY WORK IF “GOD MODE” IS DEACTIVATED]4. One shot kills5. God Mode 6. Unlimited Kills 7. Infinite Disappearance 8. No character cooldown9. Instant Win10. Complete all challenges (stage challenges are always completed in full)11. Dragon Ball (all cards used will give Dragon Ball)

Dragon Ball Legends is a game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc based on a familiar storyline. Along with a completely new character system designed by Songoku and Akira Toriyama. Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK to immerse yourself in battles like a hero and defeat all opponents with your skills. 3D graphics combined with sound effects allow players to participate in the most exciting battles. Everything you used to know about Dragon Ball will now be repeated in this game. But now it’s up to everyone to play. Are you confident that you can always win 1vs1 singles matches? Install the game now and test your abilities! Dokkan Battle and Ultimate Ninja Blazing, 2 similar gameplay and new graphics. You will also experience many other attractive features when playing the game.

Smart interactive mode, all characters have clear dialogue. You can choose English or Japanese and immerse yourself in magical battles. Plus, Goku has all the skills, memory, and fingertip controls to quickly create his own victory. In particular, Dragon Ball Legends has both a short mode and a full mode to help players have a good experience on your device. No matter low or high, the game always has the best performance. Your opponents are everywhere and of all shapes and sizes. Never underestimate them, attack as hard as you can!

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Legend of the Dragon Balls – Battle Songoku

Dragon Ball Legends offers a different kind of gameplay in the form of strategy. The success of the Japanese game in many countries has made the image of Dragon Ball familiar when it comes to entertainment. It’s still only one-on-one combat, but GameDVA believes that you will fall in love as soon as you play. Why Dragon Ball Legend still sticks to the original plot to help players easily return to old memories. Every scene of the game has exquisite visuals and sounds. As a result, publishers come up with better games. Adapted from the famous manga series, if you are a fan of Dragon Ball then there is no reason not to download this game right now. If you want to relax in hunting game, Worms Zone .io will be your brain challenge game.

dragon ball style

The character’s ability to maintain identity, flight, and combat is a prominent feature of the game Dragon Ball Legends. Move with your fingers, powerful combos always have high damage. Use it to fight enemies and eliminate them in seconds. At the end of the battle, there is definitely a winner or a loser, but if you use the Dragon Ball Legends mod, there seems to be no possibility of losing.

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Story-related gameplay

It is difficult to confuse the content of each character’s dialogue. Dragon Ball Saga is actually quite close, especially for those who have carefully studied the plot, the game is a great gift. This is also an advantage in combat, since you already know your opponent well. Adventure in the high mountains and unleash your strongest skill set. The opponent will suffer fatal blows that cannot be blocked.

has limitless power

Every battle is up to you, so that’s a good chance too. Power is always there, but it is important for players to know how to use it effectively. Use it at the same time to save energy and bring enemies to their knees. Always aim to be the ruler.

Dragon Ball Legend APK

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD and features

  • Support on/off via configuration file.
  • MOD One Hit Kill/God Mode.
  • MOD to complete every challenge.
  • Instant Win: Tap Pause and “Return to Battle” to win instantly.
  • Applies to PvE, PvP.

Dragon Ball Legends is a game with a manga storyline that is still loved to this day. You will be hard pressed to find a similar version. There may not be much to argue about Dragon Ball’s success so far. However, you need to discover more about the nature of the story. Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD Unlimited Max to assist players in this exciting battle.

Features of MODs?

– Mode menu [NEW]- One Hit Kill – God Mode – All Challenges Completed (Staged Challenges are always fully completed) – Instant Win (Click Pause and “Return to Battle” at any time) in battle for instant victory) – Works in PvE + PvP

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Did you find Dragon Ball Legends MOD infinite crystals, energy?

There is no such version. All are fake and unusable. The Dragon Ball Saga full features listed above are the most accurate.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK for Android (Menu/Immortal/Onehit)

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