Don’t Forget To Visit Niflheim After Beating God Of War Ragnarök

after the end god of war ragnarok, the player should visit Niflheim for the first time after the credits. After the game, the player can take Kratos around the Nine Realms and learn how people deal with the aftermath of Ragnarok. Characters like Thrud, Sif, and Hildisvini can be seen developing peace plans and preparing to take on new responsibilities in a world that is no longer ruled by Odin. But an unexpected role makes visiting Niflheim Kratos the most rewarding route.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.]

The following god of war ragnarokDuring the final stages of the battle, a fragment of Asgard known as the Aesir Shipwreck can be found in Niflheim. Accompanied by Freya and Mimir, Kratos’ mission is to discover “escapefavor. Players will have to fight rogue prisoners who are not satisfied with their time in prison, while trying to figure out why this prison was created. The answer can be found at the bottom of the ruins, along with perhaps the most notorious prisoner.

The real Tyr in Niflheim after the end of Ragnarok

Inside the prison is Tyr, the Norse god of war. During the events of the game, it was revealed that what Kratos “Tyr” and his allies were confiding in was in fact a forgery of Odin. But Tyr’s imprisonment is real, isolated so that Odin can pretend to be Tyr at any time. Tyr is happy to see Freya and Mimir again, and is excited to hear that Odin has been defeated. Even though he didn’t recognize Kratos from the outside, his name still rang out. Kratos is reluctant to clarify, as Tyr may have heard of his reputation as a Spartan ghost. After a brief encounter, Tyr wants to leave so he can reflect on the news of Odin’s defeat and visit the Nine Realms again.

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Ragnarök’s True Tyr Travels the Nine Realms

As the universe spins behind him, Tyr of Ragnarok meditates in Muspelheim's World Spark.

After liberating Tyr, he can be found in each of the Nine Realms, including Ragnarok Players can try to defeat Berserker. In some places, one can find Tyr’s sacrifice in the Contemplative War, the pain of Odin’s victims, and the beauty of the alliance and friendship that liberated the Nine Realms. These locations include Hel’s Perch in Helheim, Spark of the World in Muspelheim, the Strand area in Alfheim, the Watchtower area in Svartalheim, Vanaheim near Camp Freyr, and Jotunheim Tower near Midgard. Everywhere except Helheim, Tyr will engage in a small dialogue and then ask to leave his thoughts. The only realms that Tyr cannot find are the fallen Asgard and Jotunheim, which he has long locked up with the other giants and probably does not want to return.

At each location, Tyr applies different poses and animations, seemingly reflecting different religious practices from around the world. god of war ragnarokbeautiful world. For example, in Vanaheim, he practices tai chi, while in Svartalheim he kneels and prays. The range of cultures represented is rooted in Tyr’s plot, in which he travels to faraway lands – and even other myths. The fact that Tyr is getting so much attention after the game could indicate that he will play a bigger role in the game. god of war ragnarokpotential sequel. Perhaps Tyr will act as Kratos’ shepherd, guiding him to a new land with another god. Given that Tyr is a god of war in his own right, perhaps he will join his Greek counterpart, Kratos, on a journey to bring peace to other nations.

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