Dog reacts to pet dad saying he will not take him while going outside

Pet parents love to record their dogs’ reactions to various situations, and this pet dad did just that by conducting a fake phone conversation in front of his dog named Teddy. The video shows how the dog reacted when he heard that his human was going to go outside without him.

The picture shows a dog named Teddy listening to his pet father’s conversation during a call. (Instagram/@teddy_tedcocker)

“My @teddy_tedcocker is an extremely good boy!” it says in the description published with the video on Instagram. The clip opens to show the pet’s dad lying on a bed making a fake phone call. She pretends to say she’s dating someone.

“Humming mil rahe hai shaam ko? Ghumi ghumi? [So we are meeting in the evening]”, says the man deliberately. As soon as he uttered these words, the dog’s ears pricked up. The man continues and says that he will go out, but that he will not take Teddy with him because he is a “bad boy”. Hearing this, the dog immediately reacts and jumps on his dad as if he wants to convince the man to take him out too.

Check out this video of Teddy and his pet dad:

The video was shared some time ago. Since it was released, the clip has gone viral. So far, it has collected more than 11.4 million views. The sharing also prompted people to post different comments. While some expressed their love for Teddy, a few warned his father not to go ‘ghumi ghumi’ without the cute dog.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted to this dog video:

“I am Teddy’s lawyer, and you are slandering my client. He is an extremely good boy,” the Instagram user announced. “He’s a totally GOOD GUY,” another individual echoed the same sentiment. “I immediately skipped this video because my dog ​​sitting next to me will react to ‘ghumi ghumi’,” shared a third.

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“Agar teddy ke bina gaye na bhai! ID report karaka uda dunga [If you go without Teddy, I will report your ID and get blocked]”, joked the fourth. “The way he reacts when he says ghumi ghumi,” posted a fifth. “Teddy is a smart boy,” wrote a sixth. A few also reacted to the video with laugh-out-loud emojis and hearts.

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