DJ Ending Up With Steve Explains Why Fuller House Failed

As romantic as seeing DJ (Candace Cameron-Bray) marry Steve (Scott Winger), it also highlights the main reason fuller house It eventually failed and was cancelled. Netflix launched in 2016 Happy home The spin-off ran for five seasons before ending in 2020. It brought back the core cast of the original ABC sitcom, excluding Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who took turns playing Michelle. However, the focus is on younger characters, especially Tanner’s eldest daughter.

In an age of reboots and revivals of classic shows, the initial news is exciting Happy homeThe story will continue, but quickly die out after the first year. While Netflix is ​​famously tight-lipped about its ratings, it is believed that fuller house Ratings dropped significantly after the first season. This is reflected in the negative reviews of the program, especially in its early years. fuller house It has certainly gotten better over the years and its final season is arguably the strongest ever. That said, it’s clearly never going to have the same success and acclaim Happy home take. So not surprisingly, fuller house cancel.

Looking back, their decision to partner with DJ and Steve can clearly explain why. The two started dating in high school and Happy home making their love story an integral part of the show. Weinger became a regular cast member, making him the second actor to join the show over a love story, after Lori Loughlin’s Becky married Jesse (John Stamos). After briefly breaking up in later seasons of the show, the pair got back together after the sitcom’s first season ended, just for fuller house Revealed that they broke up again — DJ is married to Tommy Fuller Sr., hence the title of the show. In the end, when they get back together forever, the side story embellishes their love story with the message that they have to be — despite being married and dating someone else after their marriage. their multiplication ends.

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Why Fuller House has a happy ending for DJ and Steve

Emphasize that DJ and Steve finally got together after everything that happened between them fuller houseThe biggest and last problem is why it never looks the same Happy home – It relies too much on nostalgia instead of creating its own story. She’s about to start a relationship with Matt (John Brotherton), before Steve is again aggressively looking for a DJ. They work together as veterinarians and have great chemistry, but when her past with Steve upsets her, she begins to doubt herself.

fuller house By frequently referring to their past as high school sweethearts, never mentioning their problems and most importantly why they broke up and married someone else, that sold the notion that the DJ was better off with Steve. It seems the only reason they reunited is because of their history, and they wanted to relive the excitement they had when they first fell in love. Although it seems they have nothing in common with adults, they are content that lives in the past – like fuller house As a whole.

Why did Netflix cancel Fuller House

Fuller House canceled

fuller house Canceled due to falling ratings, the series couldn’t keep up with competition from countless other shows on Netflix. fuller houseThe cancellation was announced shortly before the season 4 premiere, and those who keep up with the series aren’t thrilled with the news. On top of that, the crew was expecting at least one more season after season 5, even setting the plot for the cast – but that never happened with the series.

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in spite of fuller house Fanned from the start, the show’s ratings dwindled as the series went on. After season 1, there was the biggest exodus of viewers, proving fuller house There is a large build-up, but no follow-up. The series tends to overemphasize the nostalgic element, to the detriment of the text. Something in the later seasons suggests that the series has found a foothold and possibly exited its parent show. But at that point, no one was really watching. Therefore, fuller house cancel.

What’s interesting? fuller houseThe plan for success with the classic sitcom is that it adapts to the wrong things. The sequel takes its premise directly from Happy home, Thirty years ago, DJ was in the same situation as her father. The Netflix series also dramatically changed its core characters to reflect its predecessors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t focus on young actors, but Happy home Better stay. Almost no story revolves entirely around children. Instead, the adult actors’ love lives are given more attention.

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