Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to catch a Fugu fish

Whether you’re trying to complete quests or just want to top up your recipe collection, Disney Valley of Dreams Light there are many meals to cook, many of which require the use of fish. Many types of fish are interchangeable, so they can be used to prepare simple fish dishes without worrying too much about their type. However, some dishes call for rare fish that are difficult to collect, such as the elusive Fugu fish.

Among the rarer fish in the game, the Fugu fish requires you to visit a specific area during specific weather conditions, and even then, it can take a long time. Don’t worry though, because we’ll tell you where and how to catch it so you can make delicious meals out of it.

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How to Fish Fuga Fish

Fugu fish are found in the Dazzle Beach biome, but they spend most of their days out of reach, which means you won’t be able to catch any just by casual fishing. Instead, they only appear during storms, so you’ll need to be proactive when it starts to rain in your valley.

During a storm, head to Dazzle Beach and start looking for goldfish ponds. If you don’t see any, fish in other ponds until one appears. There’s a catch, though: you’re still not guaranteed to catch a Leak from these golden pools, and sometimes you can catch a Swordfish instead. This means that you will have to keep doing it until you get lucky and finally take what you came for.

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Also, since there are several dishes that require you to use Fugu Fish, be sure to bring one of your villagers who specializes in fishing so they can give you an extra Fugu Fish every time you catch one. This should cut your work a bit!

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