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Almost every popular series will get a sequel including Tiger King after its huge success in 2020. The franchise of the series called Tiger King: The Doctor Antle Story appeared on Netflix on December 10, 2021 and featured more than Bhagavan’s time. “Doc” Antle with the big cats That year, viewers also met his former mother-in-law, Diane Ducharme.

So who is she? Continue reading this Diane Ducharme biography to explore everything you need to know about her.

Diane Ducharme on The Tiger King: The Doctor Antlo Story

Tiger King: The Story of Doc Antle was supposed to be a three-part series exploring the life of Doc Antle aka Bhagavan who is a big cat enthusiast. This big cat expert also owned his own private zoo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where he worked alongside Joe Exotic (as featured in the first Tiger King movie).

Thus, Diane Ducharme enters the scene in the second episode of the new documentary series called “The Great Escape”, after the appearance of her daughter Radha Hirsch. In her first presentation, Diane spoke about her impression of Bhagavan and explained her views on her daughter’s relationship.

She remembered her daughter’s first meeting with the tiger trainer. Everyone seems to have admired Bhagavan at that time and there was never an iota of doubt that the two would part ways. Well, time is relentless and it changes a lot of things.

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Who is Diane Ducharme’s daughter, Radha Hirsch?

Diane Ducharme’s daughter, Radha Hirsch, is one of Doc Antle’s ex-wives.

Radha met Doc when she was 11-12 years old. Since her mother had to move around a lot for work, Radha often stayed with different families at the Yogaville ashram, and it was there that she first saw Doc. “In love” – ​​that was the word Radha used to describe the first time she saw him.

By the time Radha turned 14, the two were already in love. Or as explained in the Netflix series, it was the first time anything romantic happened to her with Doc.

So enamored, the couple decided to elope on Radha’s 15th birthday, leaving Diane distraught.

According to Diane, she even lost her job taking care of her daughter. Fortunately, she found them later. And when she did, the dynamic of her and Doc’s relationship changed, right after Doc admitted that he had been attracted to her daughter since he was 11 years old.

Now, years later, Radha and Doc are estranged, and it seems that mother and daughter have reconnected. Now they are all starring in King Tiger: The Doc Antle Story and are on good terms.

Is Diane Ducharme dead?

No, Diane Ducharme was not dead in 2021.

Rumors of his death may be debunked by his appearance in Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story, which opens on December 10, 2021.

Also, for those who came across Diane Ducharme’s obituary online, it’s not her! According to the obituary, the late Diane was born to parents Guy and Margaret Ducharme, and she had two brothers, Craig and Paul Ducharme.

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How old is Diane Ducharme?

Diane Ducharme was reportedly 72 years old in 2021 when she first appeared in The Tiger King: The Story of Doctor Antlo.

While her former son-in-law Doc Antle was 61 at the time. Yeah, they were only 11 years apart and he ran off with Diane’s daughter.

Is Diane Ducharme on IG, Facebook?

There have been many profiles by the name of Diane Ducharme on IG, including @ducharme_diane and @dianaducharme. But none of them looked like the star of the Tiger King.

Similarly, when she searched for “Diane Ducharme” on Facebook, many results came up. And if! We have made it easy for you and we have reviewed each one of them. And again, no luck.

The work of Diane Ducharme

We have no idea what Diane Ducharme does for a living.

However, several Tiger King fans connected her with a consumer safety officer at the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. In searching for more information on the aforementioned “Diane Ducharme”, we learned that she graduated from Clemson University in 1999 and began her career as a research associate at NCSU.

Since our Diane is in her late 70s, that would mean she graduated around the age of 50, which didn’t seem appropriate. Therefore, it could be safely said that this information is incorrect.

Additionally, several others reported that she graduated from North Carolina State University and worked in horticulture. We have no way of testing whether this is true or false.

Related FAQ

  • Where does Diane Ducharme live now?

Diane liked to keep her residence anonymous.

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But as for his daughter, she lived in Arizona.

  • Who are the parents, siblings of Diane Ducharme?

During the show, Diane only talked about Dr. Antle and her daughter, keeping her private life off-screen.

So we have no information on Diane’s parents or siblings.

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