Destiny 2: Desperate Measures Quest Guide

Players will have to endure lengthy battles, battle challenging enemies, and defeat tough bosses to complete all-or-nothing missions in Destiny 2.

All or nothing in the eighth and final mission of Operation Lightfall destiny 2. In this final mission, the player will have to run and shoot in a desperate scuffle to prevent Calus from establishing a relationship with the Traveler. This is one of the most challenging moments in the campaign; even experienced players have a hard time completing it, which makes it all the more rewarding.

First, the player will want to gain his strength destiny 2 the higher the better. Campaigners on Normal difficulty will need 1735 Strength, the maximum allowed of the Strength limit, and those on Legendary difficulty will need almost that limit. So grab your best gear, cast and level it up, and take on the quest.

How to Complete All or Nothing in Destiny 2

Caiatl with guardian standing over Calus's corpse

At the start of the quest, the player should take his Sparrow and go straight to the Irkalla Complex. Ignore the enemies that stand in your way, because they don’t matter. The only enemies you need to destroy are inside the buildings behind the spell, but they are small in number so they are easy to kill. When the player arrives at the complex, they will need to park their car in front of a group of cavalry guarding anti-aircraft guns.

A great gun for this part of the quest is the Gnawing Hunger destiny 2 Because it puts the player through the cabal. Defeat the Shadowkeep Legion, disable the gun’s barrier and destroy it. Then repeat the process with the next cabal group and the weapon they are defending. Be careful, because after dealing with the first wave of enemies, the second wave of enemies will come to Tormentor.

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The player must always be on the move, away from Tormentors and damage them from a distance.

After the battle is over, the player must proceed to Sanctuary (picking up a bunch of loot along the way) and capture a few turrets from the surrounding Cabal. Dead Man’s Tale is very effective for this, but there are other great main weapons destiny 2 complete the work. Then came the wave protection mission. Players need to protect the Vault from wave after wave of Cabal troops. They have an experimental Ishtar weapon that can be used for orbital lasers, but this should be for huge tanks or large numbers of enemies.

It was a long battle, with lots of enemies coming to retake the turrets and overrun them. Players should stay high to prevent enemies from retaking the turret. It’s tempting to rush in and waste, but it kills the player.

The player must endure this battle overhead until the backup NPC appears.

Looks even better after the epic final battle destiny 2 Before the Lightfall Artifice Armor, the player will descend and descend through the Vault and into Veil, where Emperor Calus is waiting, which is clearly a battlefield.

The Battle of Calus is divided into three distinct parts. First of all, players will want to lower their first health bar as quickly as possible, stick around and clear mobs when they get close. Second, Carus’s attack power is very strong, so try to avoid his attacks. Finally, when the first health bar is half empty, he pops out a shield and summons a tormentor that needs to be defeated. Players should stay close to their team to recover: being wiped out here would be a disaster.

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When Tormentor is defeated, the shield is broken, leaving Calus with only his last health bar. But now that he has a knife, the player must fight him at close range. Kill him, and Lightfall will end, than destiny 2 Not just weapon missions.

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