Debate on whether popular sports drink Gatorade is green or yellow goes viral & it’s completely divided people

It is common practice to refer to the different types of Gatorade by color rather than flavor.

This universal practice led to some confusion, as people recreated the viral blue vs. black dress debate, but this time in Gatorade colors.


TikTok video from Tennessee football site sparks debate over Gatorade’s lemon-lime color Credit: TikTok

Tennessee Football’s TikTok account shared a video showing players discussing the lemon-lime color of Gatorade.

“Is this Gatorade yellow or green?” a player asked his teammates, sparking an allegedly old debate.

He explained, “There’s been a lot of talk about the lemon-lime Gatorade color and honestly man I’m not here to sugarcoat things bro if you think this is yellow you need to reevaluate your eyesight.”

“It’s yellow, you’re psychotic. It’s yellow, bro. HOW GREEN IS THAT? LOOK AT THE GRASS,” said a soccer pro after being cornered on the field by a friend.

Another Tennessee football player agreed, calling the drink “yellow highlighter.”

However, others agreed with “that green”, labeling the liquid “neon green”.

When another player also responded with a yellow, the host of the video was enraged.

He asked, “Where do you see yellow? Do you know what yellow looks like?”

His playing partner flagged down a passing golf cart and offered him a bottle to compare.

“Take a green grape, put it next to the Gatorade, you’ll see it’s the same color bro,” the original player replied.

The video included photographic evidence of the phenomenon, prompting TikTok users to question their view in the comments section.

One player pointed out that lemon-lime Gatorade is the same color as grapes.


One player pointed out that lemon-lime Gatorade is the same color as grapes Credit: TikTok

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“It was yellow until you put that grape next to it,” commented one puzzled onlooker.

Another follower wrote: “Now I wonder if the grapes are really yellow.”

“I’m not going to lie, the green grapes next to it make me question my eyes,” another user said.

A fourth person said, “You tell me to bring you a yellow Gatorade, you get a Lemon-Lime. Tell me to bring you a green Gatorade, you get a Fierce Green Apple!”

“Chartreuse, a color I haven’t seen. It looks yellowish-green to me!” another follower commented.

Colleagues debated the color of the Gatorade drink


Colleagues debated the color of the Gatorade drink Credit: TikTok

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