DC Reveals The Female BATMAN, ‘Bryce Wayne’

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE contains SPOILERS Batman: The Drowned #first

Justice League has faced villainous versions of Batman before – but none quite like Bryce WayneMiss Who will take over the world of DC Batman: The Drowned. She’s just one of those Batman/Batwoman villains brought to life as part of a giant DC Metal Blockbuster, which saw the Justice League kicked out of their own universe, giving way to these bat-man nightmares to strike. For Bryce Wayne aka Drowning, that means submerging Aquaman’s hometown of Amnesty Bay underwater and turning his queen Mera into a zombie monster. Bryce is just getting started.

For those who think the “ordinary” Bruce Wayne Batman story is tragic, Metal Serious alarm bells have been sounded. Bruce Lee was the result of his parents’ deaths, which is undeniably sad. But the scarier questions no one dared to ask have come true: What if Batman turned himself into the Apocalypse? What if Batman stole Flash’s speed? if Batman has become clown? Invasion of the “Dark Knight” Metal These questions have been answered, but Bryce Wayne stands out, answering a question few fans have ever asked… what would happen if Bruce Wayne was born a woman? Thanks to Dan Abnett and Philip Tan, we now know.

The answer is a Batwoman who waged war on Atlantis, gained Aquaman’s powers, and murdered a planet to avenge her lover’s death – Catman. Time to accelerate.

Bryce Wayne, Batman

Bryce Wayne’s debut reveals that she’s from Earth-11, another dark, tormenting and ultimately doomsday reality in DC’s dark multiverse (a new addition to multiverse mythology. DC’s pillar, as well as the “what if” and “what if” nightmare reality ‘) dies, so the better reality above may prosper). Although very little of her origin story is revealed—we can assume it follows Bruce’s path—her love for a man whose name means something has been mount her dark path. That man, Bryce’s mistress, is “Sylvester Kyle”, confirming that on Earth-11 the iconic DC character’s gender was swapped…or as Bryce pointed out, gender of these iconic characters from their natural state she Earth. No matter how you look at it, Sylvester’s death at the hands of “Rogue Meta” sent Bryce on a revenge mission to kill each of the Superman criminals.

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But victory was short-lived, as the Atlantean army – led by their queen, a gender-reversed Aquaman – soon appeared in the name of “peace”. It’s the same basic premise as in modern versions of the DC Universe: Arthur attempts to lead Atlantis and humanity to peace, often with painful or involuntary ceasefires. But in the world of the dark Multiverse, things take a turn for the worse: war breaks out, and only Batman— Batman Willing to do what it takes to protect her world.

Bryce Wayne displays the same fanaticism and ruthlessness as her last name… but goes a step further.

Batwoman transforms herself into a human


As this question reveals, Bryce Wayne has the ability to do the impossible, just as Bruce Wayne does in our world. But Bruce has his heroes and friends to control him, while Bryce is alone. That means no one can stop her from fighting ama, killing her before her empire, and taking her trident as a trophy. But victorious or not, Atlantis will never go after the inhabitants of the land – and avenge their fallen queen by engulfing Gotham City and all those who live there. Naturally, Bryce did the only thing expected from an alternate reality version of Batman: performed experimental surgery on herself, turning her DNA into Atlantean DNA.

With superhuman strength, quick healing, and the aforementioned trident in her hand, Batwoman waged an all-out war on Atlantis. To battle the underwater kingdom’s soldiers, she designs an army of her own: a storm of mutated, undead souls known as Deadwater. Longtime DC fans of Aquaman will know that the name belongs to some of Arthur Curry’s villains, with similar powers and looks. This time, however, it takes a twist: standing water is just as contagious as the army, as evidenced by when Bryce Wayne began his assault on DC’s main Earth.

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Aquaman may have escaped with his life, but not before he witnessed Bryce flood his town… and turn Mera into one of her drowning soldiers. Hope there is a cure.

Batwoman’s Revenge


If this is your standard comic book episode, or the usual case of a “what if” character from a parallel world causing trouble, then Aquaman might have won. Although the Justice League is currently Metalscale, surname Feasibility Still looking for a way to permanently repel the forces of darkness and evil (and almost certainly will). But for now, Bryce Wayne represents the overwhelming, disruptive, and lasting impact Dark Knight Rises has had.

Drered wishes to submerge the entire planet in water, as she did in her home world. The silver lining, if any, is six or more evil Batman looking to kill DC Earth that can slow each other long enough for the heroes to return. Cross your fingers.

Batman: The Drowned #1 is now available.

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