Cute pictures. Unusual and touching friendship between dog and mouse

The dog is depressed and lonely too. But his life changes when he meets a mouse. He became close friends with the mouse.

Friendship between animals is touching and endearing, especially when it seems that these animals are different and cannot be friends.

Two unusual animals can make real friends with each other. Dogs are a real-life example of this type of friendship. A best friend or partner inspires you and makes you happy in anything.


A real-life example of such friendship is Riff Rat and his dog Osiris. Riff Rat and Osiris the dog are best friends.

They are really inseparable and very close to each other even though they are different sizes.


The adorable Osiris is a three-year-old dog. It was a Dutch shepherd. He was depressed for a while because he didn’t have friends to play with, but then he found a friend very unlike anyone else.

Osiris and Riff Rat are trusted, sincere, and inseparable best friends. A Dutch Shepherd’s therapy dog ​​let a 3-month-old rat get in his mouth, and the rat even cleaned its teeth.


As we all know, the Dutch Shepherd Dog is unique in its trainability and loyalty. Riff Rat was rescued at just 4 weeks old and restored to health with a syringe.


Osiris is currently a trained therapy dog. Over the years, he has supported the family in the care of various animals.

At first, the owners were a bit hesitant to introduce the couple to each other for certain reasons, but all fears were overcome when they realized that the two got along well.

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Not only do they want to go for walks and enjoy their time together, but they also aren’t afraid of each other’s hobbies. The bond between these two animals is unlimited and unbreakable.


It’s heartwarming and sweet to see them care for each other. Their friendship is unexpected. It gives hope to other animals in the world. Please share this story with our family and friends so they too know about these true and inseparable friends.

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