Cowboy Bebop: 10 Memes That Will Make Devoted Fans Nostalgic

Shinichiro Watanabe’s cowboy bebop is a critically acclaimed neo-noir space western animation from the late 1990s. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest anime series of all time; upon its release in 1998, it gained international popularity, and soon after, the series was spawned with a manga series and a movie in 2001. cowboy bebop Became the first anime to air on Adult Swim.

Despite its shortness (twenty-six episodes and a feature-length movie) and the fact that it came and went before the golden age of online content creation, cowboy bebop Its influence and scope are so vast that it has earned its share of memes over the years.


steven universe is another great animated series, but it’s suitable for both children and adults. This meme features Ruby, a crystal gemstone often shown in different forms, fused with her partner Sapphire to form Garnet.

At the beginning of its creation, cowboy bebop It was supposed to be more kid-friendly and was actually sponsored by a Japanese toy company. The company hopes to make and sell toys based on characters from the series.but when it became clear cowboy bebop The company ended its relationship with the show’s creator because it would contain adult themes, including violence and somewhat sexualized character designs.

Do you think I look rich?

Cowboy Bebop meme featuring Spike Spiegel saying "Do you think I look rich?"

In 2071, a lot of people are down on their luck; Earth has long been abandoned, and crime is on the rise in space as humans begin to colonize other planets. The social problems that existed on Earth in the past have not subsided, but have spread to the entire galaxy.

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spaceship crew bebop Composed of Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Jet Black, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (Ed) and Welsh Corgi Ein. Spike appears in this meme angrily declaring that he’s broke.

Manga Anime Netflix

Cowboy Bebop meme teases Netflix adaptation process

with a show like this “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, The show’s live-action film adaptation was wildly unsuccessful, and a Netflix live-action series project is in pre-production now that the original series’ creator has departed, so it’s understandable that some loyal fans may have reservations about the show. cowboy bebop Netflix live action series.

along with ATLA and cowboy bebopincredible long-term animation piece It will also eventually get the live-action adaptation treatment from Netflix.

Sometimes it’s true

Cowboy Bebop emoticon, modeled after the title shot at the end of the show, in which the image is completely black except for the text. "Sometimes it's true"

The subtitle “See You Space Cowboy” will appear at the end of each episode cowboy bebop This is another unique detail that has made the show iconic. Sometimes, the text on the show will be different, but fans will create memes that take it to another level, as in the example above. Simple images easily generate memes, several of which appear on this list.

Is this the real world?

A Cowboy Bebop themed "is this a" meme in which the subject says "is this a real world?"

The meme comes from a scene narrated by Spike, who describes himself as a “man who lives in a dream.” He reached out and held a glowing yellow butterfly, and when he opened his hand again, the butterfly was gone—an illusion. This scene is meant to emphasize the isolation and isolation he feels, which is another important theme of the film. cowboy bebop.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Memes Playing Cowboy Bebop Characters

This meme compares the following characters brooklyn nine-nine and Cowboy Bebop. While the two shows are from different eras and belong to completely different genres, both shows have a compatible cast of characters who work extremely well together, often getting on each other’s nerves but also achieving their goals in interesting ways. Target.

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Jehei and Ain

Dad memes featuring Cowboy Bebop's

Like many dads who adapt to a new pet much faster than they’d like to admit, corgi Ein quickly became a much-loved member of the Bebop family, especially for Jet. Spike took the longest to adjust to Ein, the super-intelligent “data dog” he brought aboard the ship after a failed mission. One of Spike’s best quotes is, “…I hate three things in particular…children, animals, and women with attitudes.”

Netflix Adaptation – Keanu Reeves

Cowboy Bebop meme expresses fans' desire for Keanu Reeves to play Spike Spiegel in Netflix show

While Spike’s life was filled with danger, drama, and sometimes heartbreak, he was not without comedic traits. Spike is very sarcastic and easy to joke with, and his character is dynamic enough to adapt to every situation he encounters as a crew member. bebop.

Keanu Reeves played two goofy characters including Ted Logan in the sci-fi comedy bill and ted Franchise and neo-noir characters such as the title character John Wick franchise, so it makes sense that some fans would think it would be appropriate for him to play Spike.

Stu Pickles

Cowboy Bebop meme where Stu Pickles from Rugrats looks like Spike Spiegel

in this single and brief moment Dwarf, A disheveled one Stu Pickles looks a lot like Spike Spigel. Of course, there’s nothing similar between the two, as Spike has a unique character design. He is always well dressed and has thick dark green hair. He also has a unique fighting style and is a dedicated practitioner of Bruce Lee’s unique martial arts style, Jeet Kune Do. Born on Mars in 2044, Spike was a member of a criminal organization called the Red Dragon Syndicate until he faked his death to leave the organization.

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Space Cowboy joins the game

Cowboy Bebop meme that says "Cowboy Bebop joins the game"

The iconic end title card comes from cowboy bebop Fans who saw this video game screenshot will certainly be thinking. The term “space cowboy” actually originated in the 1960s as slang for marijuana the case of cowboy bebop, this definition is more literal, as outlaw-type characters navigate the lawless Wild West of of the things that caused cowboy bebop What makes it unique is that it seamlessly blends the genres of western, science fiction, and neo-noir. As such, it will always be remembered as a unique anime that was appreciated by fans from all backgrounds.

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