Could you become a train driver? SNCF is recruiting dozens of drivers throughout France – training is offered

Numerous advantages, free training and the opportunity to be in charge of driving: this is what the job of a train driver offers.

Numerous advantages, free training and the opportunity to be in charge of driving: this is what the job of a train driver offers. And dozens of positions are open.

Every day, 5 million people board the 15,000 trains that cross France. Behind this impressive number are the train drivers. If you’ve always dreamed of being at the center of this adventure, maybe it’s time to take off, because SNCF is currently looking for new talent to join its ranks. As a driver, you will not only be responsible for the safety of passengers and goods, but also for the regularity and punctuality of traffic. You will be the sole master of your cabin and in constant contact with the SNCF teams to ensure the smooth running of the missions. These jobs are available almost all over France and are available on the SNCF recruitment website.

Depending on your profile and company needs, you will be offered two free courses. The first, lasting 6 months, will allow you to prepare and drive passenger trains, while the second, lasting 1 year, will enable you to drive passenger trains on commercial lines. No matter which route you choose, you will be trained in safety procedures and train signalling, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.

If you are concerned about stability and career advancement, SNCF is the ideal employer. The company provides comprehensive training for those who want to get into train driving. In addition, it regularly offers special in-house training to enable drivers to advance to other positions. The compensation at the end of the initial training is also attractive, ranging up to 2,800 euros per month, depending on your profile and experience. By joining SNCF you will also have access to many benefits. In addition to compensation, the company offers housing assistance, social security, travel allowances, employee savings and many other benefits associated with a works council.

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As for the application prerequisites, they are not restrictive. We invite you to apply regardless of whether you have a baccalaureate 2 or 3, Bac, CAP, BEP or other similar qualification. SNCF is primarily looking for individuals with essential qualities such as autonomy, rigor, sensitivity, concentration, composure, responsibility and punctuality. If you are tempted by adventure, do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with driving professions by registering for the MOOC offered by SNCF, which will offer you an overview of the profession and allow you to integrate the privileged recruitment process.

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