Coronavirus : why the situation in the Mayenne, is problematic

The department exceeded the alert threshold with 50.1 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants detected in seven days. The use of a mask is mandatory in six municipalities

The department exceeded the alert threshold with 50.1 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants detected in seven days. The use of a mask is mandatory in six municipalities.

Olivier Véran was described as having a “problematic situation”. The Covid-19 epidemic is on the rise in the Mayenne department, two months after the country’s deconfinement. The head of Health has indicated that in this area “the rate of positives with respect to the population is higher than the national average”, as well as that “the rate of positives is above the national average”.

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Faced with this new epidemic, public authorities are reacting. The Government has asked the prefect of Mayenne to establish “the obligation to wear a mask” in closed public places, “without waiting for August 1. Message received: The mask will be mandatory in closed public places, in six municipalities, announced this Thursday the Mayenne Prefecture Why are the numbers worrying? What are the causes? What is the government’s reaction? The Express reported on the situation in Mayenne.

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A virus that circulates in net increase

This increase is explained by the multiplication of pollution sources. Seven “clusters” have been identified in Mayenne in recent weeks: four in Laval (slaughterhouse, long-term care centers, school, and housing and social reintegration center), one in Craon (slaughterhouse) and one in Château-Gontier (home for youth workers and service facilities help through work). The seventh was discovered last Saturday.

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Several figures attest to the resurgence of the epidemic. The department is slightly above the alert threshold with 50.1 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants detected in seven days, France’s public health agency said on Wednesday. In the week from June 28 to July 4, the rate was 45 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In the rest of France, this rate is less than 10/100,000.

Between June 25 and 30, the number of new positive cases of Covid-19 increased from 54 to 109, and from 109 to 219 between June 30 and July 6. On July 14, the Pays de la Loire regional health agency had 382 cases. in the department, according to their newsletter. “For the first 6 days of July alone, it produced as many new infections as in the previous 50 days, from May 11 to June 30,” says Dr. Pierre Blaise, director of the ARS Regional Health Project.

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During the announcement on Thursday, local authorities highlighted the acceleration of the spread of the virus. The effective reproduction rate (R), which corresponds to the number of people that a patient infects on average, is 1.5 in Mayenne. When an infected person infects less than one, the epidemic decreases. If it infects the other two (R = 2), the epidemic spreads, if it infects one (R = 1), the epidemic continues. Crossing the threshold of 1 is therefore a bad indicator.

The positivity rate (the number of positive cases in relation to the number of tests carried out) exceeds it by 5.5. For his part, Jean-Jacques Coiplet, general director of the LRA in the Loire Valley countries, conjures up 2 people in CI and seven regular hospitalizations. “There is no tension, but we must remain vigilant, because, given the development of the epidemic, we could face difficulties,” he said.

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What is the reaction of the authorities?

Local authorities rely on two pillars: multiply the tests and respect the barriers with gestures. The use of a mask is now mandatory in closed public places in six municipalities of the department. The Mayenne prefect, Jean-Francis Treffel, signed the decree on Wednesday, which comes into force immediately. “This order was made in agreement” with the mayors of the municipalities of Bonchamp-lès-Laval, Changed, Jamb, Laval, Louverné and Saint-Berthevin, says the prefect.

“Greater vigilance is necessary in Mayenne, to reduce the circulation of the virus and avoid a new wave of the epidemic”, explains Jean-Francis Treffel, who affirms that “the scope of the order, the duration of its application will depend on the evolution of the health situation as well as the conditions for their entry into force similar provisions planned at the national level.” “It is an additional obstacle to protect yourself and your loved ones,” ARS director general Jean-Jacques boasted on Thursday Coiplet The latter also recalled the importance of “obstacle gestures”, such as washing hands or respecting the physics of detachment.

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Mainly, the resurgence of the epidemic led to the establishment of mass screening. In the last three days, 3,700 people have already been tested, the Mayenne prefect announced this Thursday. As of Monday, July 13, two centers for additional tests are also open. “We wanted to intensify because there could be cases in the general population that are no longer linked to the cluster, Jean-Jacques Coiplet explained this Thursday. This requires the ability to identify asymptomatic individuals in order to break the chains of transmission.” Finally, public events are prohibited until July 27 in Laval, announced the mayor Florian Bercault.

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