Collector's dream: Old Lego Set in the case of Cash for Rares is revealed as a true treasure

in the original packaging and in the years 1956 and 1957: the seller brings well-received Lego sets to the ZDF-show. Audience Award complains about the low e

in the original packaging and in the years 1956 and 1957: the seller brings well-received Lego sets to the ZDF-show. Audience Award complains about low ratings.

there are only rare ones: Ute Moissidis brought to the ZDF-show “Bares für Rares” a Lego treasure from the years 1956 to 1957. The collection consisted of several small and several large sets. It is packed complete and well preserved and in its original cardboard, the dream of every collector of Lego collections.

“Wow” and “sensational”: Horst Lichter and the expert are delighted

As a moderator, Horst Lichter sees toys, he is just the word “Wow”. With Lego sets, the seller has already played in his own childhood and very well taken care of. Also, expert Sven Deutschmanek is excited and calls the system boxes sensational.

This is of particular interest to collectors of Lego collectors. In the case of the pit system, it was a fire station, a VW sales station and a gas station. But not only fans of Lego collectors are potential buyers, but also fire and VW collector. But that was not all it brought to the seller. Also plays Mat.

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Lego from the 50s up to 800 euros worth

Moissidis put the price at approximately 300 to 400 euros. According to experts, they did not expect. Deutschmanek called the retail price 800 euros. It sounds decent, but many viewers of the episode feel the estimate is way too low.

Unlike the dealer. First of all, they didn’t want to put that much money on the table, although Lego set dealer Ludwig Hofmeier was very enthusiastic. The first offer was from Walter Lehnertz. Only 80 euros, he insured everything. colleague Wolfgang Pauritsch found “awesome”.

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after the end of negotiations and a low selling price

Slowly the offer grew. The €120 Hofmeier sold Moissidis, but far too little. Apparently none of them had any idea how much a 1950s Lego set was actually worth. As the seller called his pain threshold of 500 euros, the dealer is not bad.

Only Hofmeier tried to buy Set and increased. As the seller threatened everything, Take Hofmeier gave me 500 euros and I got the contract. Viewers, who commented below the episode, couldn’t believe how few ideas Lego retailers had, and the price was also surprised by your opinion of low sales.

Furious fans: It was sold to the Lego collection, really cheap?

The excitement in the YouTube comments for the Lego episode “Bares für Rares” was high. It was often said that the sale price was much too low, and the expert and his assessment were completely wrong. But is there any truth in the accusations? This question Lego-blogger Lukas Kurth from was the result and started his own price research.

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Sven Deutschmanek’s evaluation result was not as wrong as many commentators claim. Kurth reviewed the latest prices of Lego blocks on Ebay and Bricklink and he has about 900 euros in his account, so in similar spheres, such as Deutschmanek. Also, the 500 euros that Hofmeier paid for everything is not bad. After all, it should be remembered that he wants to sell pieces and make money – he is just a trader.


Also interesting: is this all fake? Here the lights in “Bares für Rares to talk” around the head and neck.


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