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Clone Armies: Tactical Army is a fighting game that allows you to control your army to attack enemies. But the gameplay is a highlight that is completely different from most action games. The player will become a leader commanding all skills, but not the same kind of destiny. That is, whatever you do, your teammates will do the same. And they also have clones, so the way to fight and protect themselves is also very special. If you advance and attack immediately, your teammates will do the same. They don’t care if it’s dangerous, clone army is that kind of game.

In the war to destroy the enemy, perhaps everything will come to an end. It will start from scratch with a new level, but for the clone army, that’s just the beginning. With each life lost, it is possible to gain new allies and the player’s army will grow gradually. However, if you do not want the opponent to occupy the base, how you die also needs to be carefully calculated. Unlike wrath of stick 5, here dark knight you have more chance to win.

Download the Clone Army mod – fight your clones

The enemy’s army is relatively diverse, which is not only effective in combat, but also has defensive capabilities. Be careful with the character with the shield, it will block the bullets you shoot and avoid hurting the enemies behind you. When there are many enemies, it is really an annoyance for the player. The enemy always tries to attack left and take the base. You even need to face giants with constant punches. Clone Armies gives players an endless experience. You can live with a copy of yourself over and over again. Two helicopters are always watching from above. I also don’t know what effect they have, as I don’t see them attacking while playing the game.

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Download clone army mod

select combat unit

Before each battle, you need to choose a unit to decide the battle ahead. There are many units in the player’s army system that can be freely chosen and used at will. Commando, Masksman, Defender, Pyro, Medic are some of the options. Of course, each soldier has his own characteristics in each category. Clone Army requires you to have a detailed enough plan to overcome any opponent’s plot. You don’t always take the initiative, sometimes the enemy takes control. At such times, the player must find his loophole and attack.

different weapons

In addition to conventional weapons such as machine guns, you can also equip automatic guns that fire at fixed positions. Clone Armies is not limited to weapons, but it can give you many ideas to build strategies. Remember that opponents also have diversity in their armies. Brings a new shooting mode. Players have their own army to break the traditional gameplay.

clone army mod apk

Clone Army provides players with a group of brave soldiers ready to fight. Although the map of each battle has changed, the changes are not huge. Most of them are closely related. Each layer is arranged with only a small number of details. Download the Clone Armies mod and be the pioneer in fierce gun battles with mighty enemies.

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