Chunk, a golden retriever missing for 16 days, is found swimming in the bay of New Jersey

A three-year-old golden retriever got lost while playing fetch with its owner. The dog got lost in the woods near the house.

The dog’s owner called police Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi about the loss of the dog. The dog went 75 meters from the shore.

With the help of a motorboat, they reached the tired dog. The dog is hungry and malnourished. The dog is kept safe until its owner arrives.


A dog named Chuck is taken care of everywhere. After 16 days, he was finally found.

The dog was first noticed by the fugitives, but the dog jumped into the water and was caught only by gentle and attentive soldiers.


The dog is happy to finally be reunited with his owner. Both the dog and the owners breathed a sigh of relief.

Rescuing the dog is a great thing for the family because part of their family is back.

Here is the video:

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