CHRONO TRIGGER offers a journey through time and space to become the heroic savior of all species. The most incredible adventure of all time, making the glorious history of aliens. The story revolves around various periods from ancient, present and future. Players shoulder the great responsibility of saving the world from hostile forces. Epic quests, dramatic battles fuel your action. You will be lost in moments of adventurous experiences; What would it feel like to be integrated into the universe? It’s all in your hands; Good or bad is up to you.

Players will take on the role of Crono, an old hero with many contributions to the country. At the Millennium Expo, you are introduced to a girl named Mal, and the two of them put on an interesting exhibition. Your best friend’s new invention, Kronor, sparks your own curiosity and discovery. But something goes wrong at the carnival, and the girl Mal is injured; You try to catch her so that she doesn’t melt into a cloud in the multiverse. You keep her necklace, and they travel through space, lost in another world. The strange thing is that this is the same place they lived 4 centuries ago, and strange things gradually appear. Non-stop adventure begins!

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Famous agent CHRONO TRIGGER challenges you to experience what it would be like to live in an unusual place? You are lost in the past, living in an ancient land, looking for a way out of the present and towards the future. Everything in this world is built; you are free to explore and discover new horizons. Both humans and monsters participate in this adventure. As a popular hero, how will you navigate this challenging time? Things won’t be the same as your home; peace is unlikely. Instead it was a war between humans and monsters, each fighting for his life.

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space exploration

Created by CHRONO TRIGGER this time, the journey is full of charm like never before in real life. Explore the multiverse, time travel to the past or future. You will be overwhelmed with primitive things from prehistoric times, which gradually escalate to antiquity. Dive into the Middle Ages, live in the present and contemplate the future; it’s a glimpse of your journey. What you encounter will change over time to suit each environment. A natural circle that closes at a place far from this earth. The wonders of the ages will make for the most memorable adventure in history.

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Upgrade auxiliary equipment

In the battle that you are about to participate in, you will face a lot of difficulties and hardships. CHRONO TRIGGER has created a series of tools to help players relieve this burden. Graphics, sounds you can tweak, control combat power, and more. Each character competes differently; there is a strategy and every combination is perfect. There are more than 50 different combinations at your disposal; moves are always ready for you. Weapons against opponents also need to be replenished and upgraded quickly. Excellent combat talent can only be improved with the help of those tools.

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Defeat enemies in battle

When you set foot in a strange world, the first thing that catches your eye is the enemy. Looking forward, looking back, plotting to destroy you, bringing you to the starting point. But your great responsibility is to liberate people; You can’t leave so soon. You are also ready to take the next step, maximum control of the battle force according to the suggested strategies. According to the duration of each stage, the position of the enemy is flexible according to the time range. When it enters a new cycle, it will hide and hide; Just a little carelessness is immediately lost the way. So watch carefully, take advantage of everything and know where you are.

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Such great pursuit will become a great impetus for you to enter the era. Miracles always happen; it runs with time that sometimes you don’t catch up. Facing the challenge of the enemy will make you more mature, worthy of the title of youth hero. The savior of a world, always in the limelight; they appreciate you. If you make life peaceful and everything is in order, you have completed the challenge. Immerse yourself in a multi-dimensional situation and uncover hidden mysteries. Download mod CHRONO TRIGGER Over the years, understand and carry the mission to save humanity.

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