Chrisean Rock’s Missing Tooth: What Really Happened

Chrisean Rock rose to fame after appearing on Blueface’s reality show “Blue Girls Club”. She is known to be Blueface’s girlfriend for a long time. She started her career as a singer, and in some of her music videos she lost a tooth. As a result there was a lot of concern about her tooth and what happened to it. The question is still being asked by the public, let’s find out the reason.

She lost a tooth in a fight before starting her career as a musician

She lost a tooth in a fight before starting her career as a musician. Because of this, she ignored him for a long time, and in the music video she has no front teeth. Chrisean said she got into an argument with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child. Rock has a Blue Face tattoo on her face in blue ink; she scribbles his real name, which is suspicious; and they were advised not to appear together in public. When his ex-girlfriend found out she had a tattoo of his name, they argued and Rock hit her head on the ground, losing a front tooth.

After the battle, rapper Blueface gave her money to treat her teeth, but Rock was narcissistic and refused to treat her teeth. For a time she was proud; she didn’t fix her teeth and shot a music video with a crooked tooth. People started noticing her missing teeth when she appeared in public; she was trolled and received harsh comments about her tooth. In the end, she decided to get her teeth fixed, and she looked completely different with and without teeth. So she was somewhat different before being famous; She is completely different now than when she recorded her first rap.

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How Chrisean Rock lost his front tooth during a fight with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend

Chrisean replaced a missing tooth after a fight with her boyfriend’s ex; She hasn’t had a tooth for a long time and decided not to get it back for a long time. But when people started questioning her missing tooth and she became a bum, she decided to go get that tooth fixed. She inserted a new tooth into her gum with a picture of Plavolica; On July 9, 2022, she posted a video on Instagram about getting her teeth fixed.

New look: Chrisean Rock’s makeover after fixing teeth

So far, she has only straightened her teeth; she didn’t do anything with her face. People saw the change in her and believed that she did something to her face. But, unfortunately, so far she hasn’t done anything with her face; She did not have surgery to change her appearance. She also said she was pleased with the Blueface look she created on her teeth; it’s nice.

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Chrisean Rock’s Net Worth

According to Sources, the singer and social media personality’s net worth this year is $2 million. Chrisean’s main source of income is her work as a musician; She has recorded a series of popular compositions. She may also have additional sources, such as business and investments, that she has not disclosed publicly. Not much is known about her income; She has yet to reveal them to the public.

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