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So when the first five episodes were shown Love is blind Season 4 finally arrived on Netflix on March 24, 2023, as the audience we promised that it would be the best yet and we were introduced to its interesting contestants. As usual, the cast was made up of 30 singles. This time they were in Seattle hoping to find their true love. And since Chelsea Griffin was one of them, we will tell you everything about her below.

Love is blind: Are Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah still together?

Chelsea Griffin in Love is blind asked for commitment. His ideal type, he said on camera on the show, is a charismatic and charming mama’s boy.

As part of the process, he found a relationship with another contestant, Kwame Appiah. But as the show progressed, things got complicated for them. Although Kwame was very interested in Chelsea, he also went on dates with Micah Lussier. But when Micah started dating Paul Peden exclusively, Chelsea seemed relieved. And in the end, the bond between Chelsea and Kwame also seemed to strengthen. Kwame even proposed to her. Even then though, things weren’t easy as Kwame hadn’t finished thinking about his time with Micah in the pods. And in the end, he and Micah end up talking for a long time, something Chelsea couldn’t help but be frustrated with. She and Kwame end up having a big fight about it. After that, they seemed to try to reinvigorate their bond with each other, when it was time to return to the real world.

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Now the question is: will they end up together?

Chelsea and Kwame have apparently been together since March 2023. However, it seemed their troubles weren’t over yet.

It was also not known if Chelsea, a resident of Renton, Washington, and Kwame, of Seattle, Washington, were considering moving in together.

Since August 2022, Kwame has been working as the Community Development Manager for Shared room. Of course, he also believes that he is a talented photographer. So if nothing else, Kwame invalidates all qualifications of what Chelsea mentioned about the “perfect guy” of hers.

Chelsea Griffin Age

Chelsea Griffin turned 31 in 2022.

Who are Chelsea Griffin’s parents?

Chelsea’s mother is Olen Bosma. She mentioned on her Facebook that she works at shellfish trident and Cork and canvas events. Also, as of this writing, she has never lived anywhere other than Seattle, Washington. She turned 64 in March 2023. At the time, she was still married to John Bosma, who is not Chelsea’s biological father. And yes, both he and Chelsea have also worked together professionally at the shellfish trident.

Chelsea also has a brother in her family. This is Chandler Griffin and he turned 34 in November 2022. On IG @instachan____, Chandler was living in Hesperus, La Plata County, Colorado at the time with his wife Katherine Griffin. Katherine, as you know, is a teacher in Durango School District 9-R. The couple welcomed their son, Wesley, likely in October 2022.

Chelsea Griffin Height

Chelsea Griffin is under 5’6 inches. As for her, it can also be noticed that she likes to wear modern and trendy pink combinations. Although she wears other colors, pink seems to be her favorite.

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Chelsea Griffin’s work

Chelsea is a successful Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist (SPL) in Renton, Washington. Converting, she says, was a lifelong dream in the making. It is registered in the national database of service provider identifiers since June 2021.

In May 2012, she made herself and all her family members proud by being accepted to UW in the Early Childhood and Family Development program.

Then, much later, on May 8, 2021, Chelsea graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. That same day, she took to her social media to share how it’s been a long and difficult journey that has come with many sacrifices, both expected and unexpected, including heartbreak and a global pandemic. Still, she said, it was worth it. She also dedicated her diploma to all the children she had the privilege to work with, who helped her discover her love of speech and language and taught her that anything is possible.

How Much Is Chelsea Griffin Net Worth?

Chelsea Griffin reportedly had a net worth of less than $400K as of March 2023.

Also, just so you know, Chelsea may be making around $46.80 an hour working in Washington state, according to fact.comgeneral evaluation.

Related FAQ

  • When is Chelsea Griffin’s birthday?

Chelsea Griffin’s birthday is April 27, leading her to believe that her sun sign is Taurus.

  • Where is Chelsea Griffin from?

Chelsea Griffin was probably born and raised in Seattle, Washington.

  • Is Chelsea Griffin on Instagram and Facebook?

That. Chelsea Griffin can be found on Instagram, but not on Facebook. As of March 25, 2023, there were 48 posts and 3,212,000 followers on her IG page @the.chelseagriffin. She also seemed active on her @the.chelseagriffin TikTok account.

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Looking at her activities here, it can be concluded that she enjoys walking, cooking, and spending time with her family, among other things.

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