Champions of Avan MOD APK (Unlimited money, woods, stones) 1.1.24

A hero is always someone who has the ability to make great history. If you want too, go to Champions of Avan, a world just for you. Here, anyone can build a vast kingdom alone. Feel free to fight whatever threat surrounds you. Manage and develop your kingdom so that it becomes solid and sustainable. Dominate the vast land and fully develop it.

Champions of Avan is a simple yet very addictive RPG. The game is set in the middle ages with a strong iron knight. Designed with somber tones, the images represent the darkness of the period. Everything is neatly and artistically arranged. Allows players to easily access and operate in-game features. Start your adventure on your beloved device.

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Great things come from the smallest and simplest things. This makes sense given the context that Champions of Avan gives you. You will start in a small and simple village in the middle of a large and dangerous place. Deploy important buildings and gather resources everywhere. From there, you can grow and scale your model slowly and steadily. Everything you earn is automatically added to your inventory. After that, it’s all about recruiting heroes to protect everything from invasion. Efforts to maintain and strengthen the development process are growing stronger.

hero recruitment

Your kingdom needs defenders to avoid being destroyed and losing everything. To be able to recruit them we need to have the necessary amount of gold. Many talented people have unique abilities that many others do not have. Each possessed skills that allowed them to create an advantage on the battlefield. Let’s say our Banheen has the ability to heal his teammates when they fall and increase his own attack. Ingen can collect more money and experience than others. You can combine these people into a team of heroes. It makes the process of conquering the challenge go faster.

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Avan Champion Free Version

building upgrade

Leveling up is essential to making your kingdom more complete. This is allowed from structures you build, such as buildings, barracks, mines. You will need to spend a lot of gold to qualify for these improvements. But after upgrading, the appearance will change even more amazing. Not only that, but the productivity is also much higher. Upgrade yourself for more building options. Unlock different parts of the castle with solid walls. Witness the rise from humble beginnings into a mighty continental empire.

useful equipment

If you want your hero to be stronger, in addition to upgrading, we also need equipment. Helps a lot in intense and prolonged battles. Each character has four slots, corresponding to four different types of equipment. It will include helmets, armor, pants and finally the weapons they use. There are many types of weapons such as axes, swords, bows or knives. These items will give them some attributes to increase combat effectiveness. The stronger the armor, the higher their stats. Always look for these items in mystery chests or items dropped from monsters. yield the best results.

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defeat the owner

In this land, there are not only humans, but also dangerous creatures. Some are superior and just the right size. They live in remote areas and cause great harm to people. Therefore, it is necessary to send a first prize person to destroy these threats. We can face the dragon queen who can spew sparks. The hill guard with wild and fierce fighting power can devour opponents. Each of them gives you a specific difficulty, if you want to remove it with your own hands. Harvest rare items that drop when defeated.

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If you make an effort to learn new things, you will continue to grow in the Champions of Avan mod. Everything can be automated and you don’t have to worry too much.

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