Caution! Henkel-cleaner calls back due to a health hazard

consumer beware! Henkel names two cleaning agents. These products are affected. Düsseldorf – caution, product recall! Henkel AG & co. KGaA, producers of Ke

consumer beware! Henkel names two cleaning agents. These products are affected.

Düsseldorf – caution, product recall! Henkel AG & co. KGaA, manufacturer of Kelb-/sealing materials, hair, body, skin and oral care products as well as washing and cleaning products, informed the cleaner through the media about the preventive recall of two households across the country. Accordingly, it is the following mold remover: “Bref Power Bacteria & Mold” and “Pattex Mold! Spray”. It affected the 750ml spray bottles in question, Henkel said.

callback at Henkel: possible skin and eye injuries

In some cases, according to the manufacturer, it cannot be ruled out that “the spray head of the bottle melts and this detergent sprays. The liquid gets into the eyes, injuries are possible.”

Consumers who have products in your household, the manufacturer will not ask them to use them anymore, but “to take the complete product (bottle, contents) to the local Recycling/recycling yard, or pollutant-mobile”. Also, it was important to “store the product upright and out of the reach of children. When in doubt, use a plastic transport bag to protect against potential liquid leakage from the Slotbar.”

Henkel callback: information from the manufacturer in case of skin or eye contact

however, if the liquid comes into contact with the skin, you know, the manufacturer must thoroughly clean the affected area with water. “In case of eye contact: several minutes and gently rinse. Remove any existing contact lenses. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: seek medical advice, seek medical attention. If medical advice is needed, have container or product label at hand hand. It is important to rinse the eye only with water. We also recommend an ophthalmologist.”

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the consumer can obtain a product replacement by providing their contact information and product information in the forms provided (Bref Power bacteria and mold / Pattex way mold! Spray). After examining all the details, so Handle is informed, get consumers a coupon in the mail, “which can be redeemed in the case of many other merchant partners.”


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