Cat’s unique way of signalling pet parents ‘she’s done eating’ goes viral. Watch

Many cats leave after eating a satisfying meal and grooming themselves thoroughly. However, this cat has a unique way of letting its owners know that it has eaten enough. And a video capturing just this has gone viral on Instagram. As expected, pet owners shared their own experiences in the comments section, describing what their furry friends do after a satisfying meal.

The viral video has over 2.4 million views and tons of reactions from people. (Instagram/@wbp3)

“This is how our cat lets us know she’s done eating,” reads the caption on the video shared on Instagram by the cat’s parent, Bryan Parrish. The video begins to show a cat sitting near the entrance of a house, with one paw on an empty plate in front of it. As the video plays, the cat yawns and then flips the plate in the air, indicating to her human that she’s done with her meal.

Watch the viral video of this cat here:

The video was shared on September 4 on Instagram. Since then, it has been viewed by over 2.4 million people. Many of them liked the video and shared their opinion in the comment section.

Check out people’s reactions to this cat’s unique way of signaling that it’s full:

“Thank God ours just left,” said the individual.

Another added: “She does the flip the plate challenge and wins.”

“My cat never finished eating,” posted a third.

A fourth commented: “My dog ​​does the same thing.”

“They will do whatever they want, and we will always put up with it,” shared a fifth.

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A sixth wrote: “Time to clean up the hoomans!”

“I’m done. Carry this plate out of here. Now,” remarked the seventh, echoing the cat’s thoughts.

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