Cat perfectly shows the meaning of ‘If I fits, I sits’. Watch

If you love watching cat videos, then you may be aware of the ‘If it fits, I sits’ logic. This clip posted on X (formally known as Twitter) perfectly showcases that. The clip captures a cat squeezing into a jar to sit comfortably.

The image shows an adorable cat trying to sit inside a jar. (Screengrab)

Originally posted on TikTok, the video later made its way into X. The clip opens to show a jar kept on a table with a cat standing beside it. As the video progresses, the kitty is seen stepping inside the jar. After the initial momentary struggle, the cat perfectly fits inside the jar and relaxes.

Take a look at this funny video of the cat:

The video was posted on August 10. Since being shared, the video has gone crazy viral online. Till now, the clip has accumulated close to 10.7 million views, and the numbers are quickly increasing. Additionally, the video has also prompted people to post varied comments.

What did X users say about this video of the cat?

“That’s adorable,” posted an individual. “Looks comfy,” joked another. “Cats are just amazing, they can fit into any tiny space, no matter how small it may be,” added a third. “Cats are like scientists, they try anything,” joined a fourth. “They can literally take any shape if they want to,” wrote a fifth.

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