Cat discovers it has ears, gets utterly baffled. Watch

Cats often get absolutely baffled after discovering random things – including their body parts – and this video on Twitter shows just that. It captures how a kitty gets bamboozled while looking in the mirror and realising that it has ears.

Cat gets confused after seeing its ears in the mirror. (Twitter/@buitengebieden)

“Cat discovered its ears in the mirror,” reads the caption posted along with the video. The video opens to show a cat on a bed. The kitty then walks towards a mirror kept on the opposite side of the bed. At first, its ears are reflected and soon the cat gets up to get a better view of itself in the mirror. At that very moment, it gets utterly confused and starts touching its ears with its paws, as if trying to understand if they have always been there above its head.

Take a look at this video of a very confused cat:

The video was posted on August 11. Since being shared, the clip has gone viral. Till now, it has accumulated close to 9.7 million views and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the share has gathered several likes and comments.

How did Twitter users react to this funny video of a cat?

“Haha super cute cat, I want one asap,” posted a Twitter user. “Ridiculously cute,” commented another. “So cute. Love it,” added a third. “This is the best one ever,” joined a fourth. “How sweet she is! What’s fun too is when they discover their tail and go around and around trying to catch it! Lol. Our pets are the best!” wrote a fifth.

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