Cat comforts woman crying in front of her. Watch

A loving moment between a cat and her human has left people emotional on Reddit. The wonderful video shows how the kitty takes it upon herself to comfort her crying human.

The image shows a cat hugging her crying human. (Screengrab)

“Cat comforts her crying owner,” reads the caption posted along with the Reddit video. The clip opens to show a woman sitting on a chair and crying. Within moments, her car notices her distress and decides to take action. The kitty slowly approaches the woman and then climbs on her lap. As the video progresses, the cat is seen giving a hug to her human.

Take a look at this video of a cat and her human:

Since being shared some 19 hours ago, the video has accumulated close to 37,000 upvotes and counting. Additionally, the share has prompted people to post varied comments.

What did Reddit users say about this video of a cat comforting her human?

“Such an intelligent cat. That’s such a precious and caring moment, absolutely wonderful,” posted a Reddit user. “Emotional support kitty to the rescue!” added another. “My wife nearly died after a surgery and when she came home from the hospital one of our boys didn’t leave her side until she eventually went back to work. He also constantly gave me the ‘WTH DID YOU DO?!’ look, but we both knew we loved her, so we made peace,” added a third.

“When I had my neck surgery I was in a lot of pain, so I stayed in bed a lot. My cat did not leave my side and would always lay with his head on my shoulder when I went to bed. He did this for a few months, they know somehow. Edit: I forgot to mention he would PURR when he was lying next to my neck, it was like he was using his purr to heal me,” commented a fourth. “That’s a good cat. A real friend!” wrote a fifth. What are your thoughts on this video?

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