Case Squarcini : justice has expanded its investigation after a complaint of Ruffin

The two investigating judges already in charge of the investigations in the Squarcini case also investigated the facts of “theft” and “concealment

The two investigating judges who were already in charge of the investigations in the Squarcini case investigated both the facts of “robbery” and those of “concealment of robbery”.

The Judiciary expanded its investigation in October 2019, especially for influence peddling by former intelligence chief Bernardo Squarcini on the facts of the “leak” after a complaint by Francis Ruffin and Fakir magazine, a source close to at-one learned in Folder. Monday.

On October 9, 2019, the Paris prosecutor’s office issued an indictment with the help of two investigating judges who are already in charge of the investigations in the Squarcini case to investigate these facts of “theft” and “theft concealment”, according to this source. , confirming the information from La Obsa and Mediapart.

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The accusation was presented after in June of the same year in this investigation, the member of Tamed François Ruffin and the Fakir association, which publishes the newspaper of the same name, became a civil party.

“Mole” in “the fakir’s garbage”

According to the evidence in the case, Francis Ruffin’s defense specifically condemned the “oblivion” to which he was “subjected for almost three years” by Bernardo Squarcini at the request of the luxury group LVMH, as revealed by Mediapart. At the time, François Ruffin was not yet a member of The France Insubordinate, but a dedicated journalist and documentarian. He worked on the filming of Thank you boss, a cinematographic satire on the world leader in luxury, which was awarded the César for best documentary in 2017.

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Francis Ruffin noted in his complaint that one of the defendants in the case that Squarcini pointed out to officers until 2016 “worked with a ‘mole’ who ‘made fakir buckets or merged documents.'” In addition, Mediapart published on Sunday on the Internet a telephone intervention that it presented as coming from Bernardo Squarcini’s telephone line, carried out by the investigators in 2013, but which they did not transcribe.

They say that Bernard Squarcini would involve his old contacts in the intelligence service and use the services of a private company to infiltrate the “mole” in Fakir to prevent the intrusion of Francis Ruffin and several other members of the newspaper into the general meeting of LVMH in Paris in April 2013.

influence peddling and embezzlement of public funds

Bernard Squarcini, who was close to Nicolas Sarkozy as a security adviser after he was ousted by François Hollande, the national intelligence chief, has been under investigation since September 2016 for multiple alleged violations, including influence peddling and misappropriation of funds. public, presumably committed by their transfer to the private sector.

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In this drawer of the investigation, it is believed that the one who calls himself “Shark” asked former DCRI subordinates to come to the object of the investigation, including the intermediary Ziad Takieddine or the Cahuzac case. It is also suspected that he used his influence to expedite administrative procedures on behalf of LVMH boss Bernard Arnault and his entourage.

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Five other people also continue to be in this folder, including the former head of the Paris judicial police, Christian Flaesch, the former judge Laurent Marcadier, a former police commissioner turned LVMH employee and an official of the General Directorate of Internal Security (ISB).

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