Carnatic musicians Ranjani-Gayatri boycott conference after TM Krishna gets award

Noted Indian classical musicians Ranjani and Gayatri have announced their decision to withdraw from the 2024 Academy of Music conference, including their scheduled concert on December 25, as it will be chaired by TM Krishna. They raised their objection after the Music Academy honored TM Krishna with the Sangita Kalanidhi Award earlier this week.

Carnatic musicians Ranjani-Gayatri have decided to withdraw from the 2024 Music Academy Conference (X/@ranjanigayatri)

Ranjani and Gayatri went to X to communicate their decision. The duo expressed their disappointment with Krishna’s leadership, accusing him of causing “immense damage” to the Carnatic music world. “[He] gleefully trampled on the sentiments of this community and insulted the most revered icons like Tyagaraja and MS Subbulakshmi,” the tweet read.

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They added that his actions tried to embarrass Carnatic musicians, which was ‘demonstrated through his consistent denigration of spirituality in music’. They further write: “He has denigrated the Carnatic musical fraternity who have collectively contributed millions of hours of art, hard work and literature.”

Moreover, the musicians expressed concern over Krishna’s praise of personalities like EVR, who they claim have ‘suggested genocide of Brahmins’, ‘called/abused every woman of this community with vile slurs’ and ‘worked to normalize foul language in social discourse’.

They continued, “We believe in a value system that respects art and artists, vaggeyakars, rasikas, institutions, our roots and culture. We will be committing a moral offense if we bury those values ​​and join this year’s conference.”

How did they react to this statement at the Music Academy?

N Murali, president of the Music Academy, shared a response to the duo’s statement. He said he was ‘shocked’ by the letter he received and ‘his vicious tone against a respected senior fellow musician’.

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He said the prize is awarded each year after ‘careful consideration, the only criterion being musical excellence demonstrated over a significant and long-lasting career’.

Murali added that the letter is ‘indecent’ and ‘raises doubts about the intentions behind it’.

He also said that the award given to TM Krishna is purely based on his ‘excellence in music over a long career, with no outside factors influencing our choice’.

Check out how people are reacting to this Ranjani-Gayatri statement:

“Thank you both for standing up for the Dharma! A fan not only of your music, but also of your courage of conviction!” an individual commented.

Another added: “Thank you both so much. Great respect for our Dharma.”

“That’s really brave of you to call out such violent people,” said a third.

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