Captain America’s MCU Catchphrase Gets A DARK Twist in Comics

warning! Spoiler for Captain America: Sentinels of Liberty #10 Top!Recent Marvel Comics captain America The series brings some of Steve Rogers’ most iconic MCU quotes to the pages of the comics… albeit in a dark and surprising new direction. The popularity of the Avengers stars in the MCU is at an all-time high, not only thanks to the performance of actor Chris Evans but also to the heroism and selfless determination of the character when combined with the characters. superhero of the same generation as him.

by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly and Carmen Carnero Captain America: Sentinel for Liberty #10 Find the famous hero against the cunning organization AIM (Advanced Thinking Mechanics) and its brand new approach is MODOK, Mind Creature Design Just for Control (MODOC) MODOC captures Cap and other costumed heroes and forces them to relive the biggest failure of their lives. To break Steve’s mind, MODOC recreates the flashback where the Captain meets the Winter Soldier. The villain MODOC appears in the flashback as Bucky, pointing a gun at Captain America. When Cap started uttering his famous MCU catchphrase, “I can do this all day,” he was interrupted by a bullet to the head.

Is Captain America really what he wants?

The MCU’s Steve Rogers isn’t physically weak, but perhaps Steve’s greatest superpower is his ability to become a master of words to complement his character’s strengths. It shines most brightly in Rogers’ famous quote, “I can be like this all day.Captain America’s MCU tagline dates back to 2011 captain America: first avenger Said when Steve was fighting a beefy bully in the alley. It’s repeating Captain America: Civil War And Avengers: Game overmeans the Captain is not ready to face the buzzword freedom guard Remind the reader that Captain America is determined to do the right thing, but add to that because of MODOC’s mind manipulation, he literally has to do it all day.

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When Captain America utters his famous catchphrase in the MCU movies, the hero usually stands his ground and gathers the courage and strength to keep fighting… regardless of the threat. can block the front. And with less of a threat, he’s as unstoppable as AIM’s version of MODOK. The demonic creature trapped Steve and his fellow humans in an endless hell, repeating the worst failures and most devastating moments of their lives over and over. Not a symbol of his determination like “I can do this all day“Becoming literal, symbolizing Steve’s torment.

The last thing anyone can expect from Cap is to get shot after reciting his lines. But it’s a good testament to what Steve is willing to endure. “I can do this all day‘” perfectly sums up the character Steve Rogers plays, both as Captain America and as a man trying to live up to the stereotypes of an ideal man.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #10 Now available from Marvel Comics.

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