Captain America 4’s Latest Update Officially Breaks A 14-Year MCU Trend


  • Sam Wilson’s first MCU movie will see him play Captain America without Bucky Barnes.

  • Despite Bucky’s absence, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given the character an exciting future with plans for him in Thunderbolt.

  • Joaquin Torres will play a supporting role as the new Falcon in Captain America: Brave New World.

Captain America: Brave New World Sam Wilson’s first film, “Sentinels of Liberty,” will break a long-running trend of Marvel Cinematic Universe hero franchises.Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, debuted in the MCU in 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger. Since then, the hero has become one of the faces of the series, with Evans’ Captain America trilogy a strong contender for best among all other Marvel Universe heroes.Steve Rogers’ MCU looks set to end in 2019 Avengers: EndgameAnthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is now Captain America in the Marvel Universe.

Steve passed his shield to Sam Wilson, ensuring that the mantle of Captain America was in good hands across the Marvel Universe.Well, while that was his intention, Sam had to go through some challenging events on Disney+ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Only then can he firmly serve as Captain America of the MCU. In the end, character prevailed and the help of some friends was crucial.However, according to a new Captain America: Brave New World With the cast updated, Sam will be missing a major partner in his first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

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Brave New World is the first Captain America movie not to include Bucky Barnes

Sebastian Stan’s Marvel character at least has a clear future

Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan, is one of the longest-running characters in the Marvel Universe. Stan has appeared in all three Captain America movies, and he has also played Bucky Barnes in several other Marvel Universe projects, such as some of the Avengers productions. Due to Bucky’s constant appearances over the years and his trajectory from hero to villain to hero again, the character has become a fan favorite.As beloved MCU gamer and mainstay of the Captain America franchise, it’s shocking that Bucky Barnes won’t be appearing in the upcoming film Captain America: Brave New World.

talking radio timesMackie revealed that Stan’s Bucky Barnes and Daniel Brühl’s Zemo were not present Captain America: Brave New World,explain,”That’s what happened when they decided to go back and watch the movie, but I didn’t have my friends anymore so that kind of weakened it a little bit” Bucky, Zemo and Sam make an exciting team The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so McGee’s update is disappointing. With Bucky playing a major role in Evans’ three Captain America movies, his absence from the upcoming film marks a major shift for the franchise.

How Bucky Barnes’ story continues elsewhere in the Marvel Universe

Sebastian Stan to acquire Marvel Universe franchise rights

The first Thunderbolts team in MCU Phase 5

Although McGee’s comments poured cold water on this possibility, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 2 is about to begin, Bucky and Sam are reunited Captain America: Brave New World, even though Stan can’t interact with McGee’s character, he still has a future setting in the Marvel Universe.Bucky Barnes is set to become a major character at Marvel Studios thunderbolt.The film will bring back multiple characters from past MCU movies and series, including The Falcon and the Winter SoldierJohn Walker/U.S. Agent, played by Wyatt Russell.

Bucky Barnes will be the leader of the Thunderbolts, and with the upcoming film reportedly ditching the story line of the team dying on a mission, Bucky could remain a part of the Marvel Universe for years to come.Although he will be absent Captain America: Brave New WorldStan’s Bucky Barnes finally gets his chance to be the star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thunderboltDue to changes in the film’s coverage, Bucky does not die in the movie, allowing the character to get his own franchise for the foreseeable future.

A romance with Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova also allowed Bucky Barnes to find peace after years of problems, and was a welcome addition to Marvel’s A nod to the Winter Soldier/Black Widow relationship in the comics.

Bucky Barnes switches from his picture as Winter Soldier to Thunderbolts

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Why ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ Doesn’t Need Bucky Barnes

Sam Wilson already has a new partner

Sam Wilson and Captain America's shield and Joaquin Torres and the Falcon's wings in

Although it would be exciting to see Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes team up again Captain America: Brave New World Stan’s absence as a Marvel hero won’t have a profound impact on the film, thanks to the interesting chemistry and shared history between the characters.This is because The Falcon and the Winter Soldier We’ve chosen the perfect character to take his place: Joaquin Torres.Danny Ramirez will return Captain America: Brave New World Starring as Joaquin, aka the new Falcon.

at the end of The Falcon and the Winter SoldierSam leaves Joaquin a Falcon suit and teases his future superhero identity. While Bucky Barnes is the main character in the Captain America movies and has a cool connection with Sam, the character is ultimately Steve Rogers’ best friend. As Captain America, Sam needs to be his own man, and this movie’s use of Joaquin as his sidekick, a new Falcon, better fits the new era of Captain America in the Marvel Universe. Captain America: Brave New World.

Captain America Brave New World Character Poster

Captain America: Brave New World

Captain America: Brave New World (original title new world order) Sam Wilson makes his first Marvel big-screen appearance as Steve Rogers’ successor after receiving the suit and shield in Phase 4’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Anthony Mackie returns as the titular Avenger, Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres, Carl Lumby as Isaiah Bradley, and Tim Blake Nelson as the Hulk’s ex. Ally Samuel Stearns. Harrison Ford makes his Marvel Universe debut, replacing the late William Hurt as Thaddeus Ross.

Release date February 14, 2025

Studio Marvel Studios

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