Can you spot the sneaky snake hidden in this woodland? Tricky test could prove how intelligent you are

How quickly you can spot the cunning snake in this forest scene might just prove how smart you are.

The incredible optical illusion has left puzzlers scratching their heads, with the artist claiming that only one percent of people can solve it in less than seven seconds.


Can you spot the cunning snake hidden in this forest? Credit: YouTube/Silver Side

The puzzle was shared by Bright Side on YouTube, an account that posts puzzles and optical illusions.

The painting depicts a bright forest scene that hides a cunning snake.

But it’s not easy to find, so it might take you a while to spot the slippery creature.

At first glance, the painting appears to simply represent a large tree with huge roots sticking out of the ground.

There doesn’t seem to be a snake in sight…unless you look a little closer.

Bright Side describes the puzzle as “The hardest test for the eyes”.

They said, “Only the most careful 1 percent will get through.”

If you’re having trouble spotting a snake, here’s a clue.

Look at the right side of the image and see if there is anything unusual.

Please scroll to the bottom of the answer if you are still confused.

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Here was a snake hidden in the forest scene.  Could you see her?


This is where the snake was hiding in the forest scene. Could you see her? Credit: YouTube/silver side

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