Can you spot the flamingo among the flowers in 7 seconds? Most people couldn’t find it.

Test your visual IQ with this challenging optical illusion. You have to be very creative and artistic if you can spot a flamingo among the flowers.

Look carefully, you will only have 7 seconds to solve this optical illusion test. Most people couldn’t find it. Can you?

An optical illusion is a visual trick that tricks the eye into seeing something that isn’t there or something that is perfectly camouflaged in an image.


Optical illusions can also be used to test intelligence and creativity. Optical illusions can help improve attention, concentration and problem-solving skills, and train the brain to be more flexible and adaptable.

If you couldn’t find the flamingo in the picture, don’t worry. We discovered where the flamingo in the picture is hiding. Check the answer about the optical illusion below.


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