Bride surprises groom with a tiny replica of his dog on wedding cake

A video of a man who became very happy after seeing his wedding cake was posted on Instagram. Reason? He notices a special surprise from his bride. It’s a small replica of his dog on the cake.

The picture shows the groom walking towards his wedding cake. (Instagram/@weddingcontentcreators)

The video was posted on an Instagram page called Wedding Content Creator UK. “The sweetest surprise from the bride to the groom”, reads the description published with the video. The screen also flashes a text insert that reads: “When the bride surprises the groom by putting her dog on the table.”

As the video opens, the groom is seen walking towards the wedding cake which is kept in the tent. As he gets closer, he realizes that the cake is something special – a tiny replica of his dog is placed on it. The man’s expression immediately changes as his face lights up with happiness. He also says “aim” several times.

In the video, see how the man reacted when he saw his wedding cake:

The video was shared on August 21. Since it was published, it has garnered more than 2.9 million views. The sharing also prompted people to post different reactions. While some applauded the bride’s gesture, a few expressed that the groom’s happiness was reflected on his face.

What did Instagram users say about this wedding video?

“His personality changed when he noticed his dog! He really sounded like he was worried something had happened and then he went into daddy dog ​​mode!” shared by an Instagram user. “He gives her a little pet. adorable,” another posted. “His joy is unbelievable, wow what an emotion he won’t be able to sleep from that emotion, that’s a great boy,” said a third. “This is so cute,” commented a fourth. “That’s so damn cute,” wrote a fifth. Several people wrote “cute” as a reaction to the video.

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