Bretman Rock Parents: Edmund Laforga And Mercedita Sacayanan

MTV Follow-up: Bretman Rock Season 2 featured Bretman as he worked to salvage his broken relationship with his little sister, Mae, and one of the “homework” their therapist gave them involved shooting and juggling balloons. That! they were given the task of writing down common stressors while blowing up balloons.

But we’re not here today to talk about the nuanced sibling relationship. Instead, let’s dive into the lives of Bretman’s parents: Edmund Laforga and Mercedita Sacayanan.

Who are the parents of Bretman Rock?

Bretman Rock’s parents are Edmund Laforga and Mercedita Sacayanan. The star loves his mother Mercedita to the moon, but we can’t say the same about his father. Because? Because Edmund found his father cheating on his mother! (We’ll talk more about this below in “Related FAQs”)

In addition to the cheating part, Bretman was also upset that his father was left behind when the family immigrated to Hawaii from the Cagayan Valley in the Philippines. New to the country and with three children to care for, Bretman’s mother had a hard time after that.

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Meet the father of Bretman Rock, Edmund Laforga

It was Bretman’s father, Edmund Laforga, who gave him his name. According to the star, Edmund was obsessed with wrestlers. He liked Bret Hart and The Rock, and thus the name Bretman Rock was born.

Get to know him better as you scroll down.

  • Edmundo Laforga Cause of death

Edmund Laforga died in November 2019 from complications of a stroke. He was in a coma for three days before taking his last breath from him.

Later, at Edmund’s funeral, a group of Bretman fans turned up, and because of that, the star couldn’t properly grieve. “Honestly, it was very traumatic,” Bretman recalled.

However, Bretman now wants to “really make peace” with his father and “connect with him spiritually.”

He also talked about how he blamed himself for breaking up his family. “I told my mom that my dad was cheating on her. So I felt like it was my fault that my family was broken. It’s hard for me to forgive him when she couldn’t even forgive myself,” he explained.

Even in Following: Bretman Rock, Bretman bought bamboo plants in vases for his sister because it resonated with his father about lucky bamboos. “I feel like with this gift I’m giving you part of a gift from me and dad. I’d like you to spend more time with dad, because I think out of the three of us, I spend the most.” [time] with him,” the star told her sister at the time.

  • Edmund Laforga Age at death

Edmund Laforga’s age has not been disclosed. However, we know that he celebrated his birthday on June 26 and that he belonged to the zodiac sign Cancer.

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On Father’s Day 2022, Bretman wrote on his Twitter: “Happy Father’s Day to my dad! Until I see you again ✨🌿 You will always be proud.

  • Was Edmund Laforga on Instagram?

No, Edmund wasn’t on Instagram.

Meet Bretman’s mother of rock, Mercedita Sacayanan

Bretman Rock’s mother, Mercedita Sacayanan, was the one who raised him alone. She worked various jobs, leaving Bretman and his sister to fend for her. So growing up, the star never really saw his mother.

“Before school, [my mom] I was already at work. When we returned from school, he only had time to prepare dinner. And then she’d fall asleep, wake up and go to work,” Bretman explained.

  • Is Mercedita Sacayanan still alive?

Yes, Bretman’s mother, Mercedita Sacayanan, is still alive as of 2022.

  • The era of Mercedita Sacayanan

Mercedita Sacayanan turned 60 in 2022.

This also means that she had Bretman when she was 37 years old.

  • Mercedita Sacayanan Job

Mercedita may have had a tough life working multiple jobs throughout her 30s, but now she’s following her passion for cooking with her food truck, MamaMerce’s Kitchen. Last we checked, her food truck was camped out in Honolulu, Hawaii for the June 2022 Hawaii Beer Fest.

As for the menu, they served rice, breakfast, drinks, soup, vegetables, and other popular dishes like steak, dumplings, fried chicken, and shawarma.

However, the quality of the food was not that “recommended”. One of the many negative reviews about the kitchen read: “Slow service, food handlers don’t wear gloves, employees don’t wear hairnets. They didn’t wash their hands between handling cash and handling food.”

  • Is Mercedita Sacayanan on Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @mamamerceskitchen.

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Also, here is her Facebook @mercedita.sacayanan (private) and (professional), and Youtube @Mercedita Sacayanan.

Related FAQ

  • How long were Bretman Rock’s parents married?

We have no idea how long Bretman’s parents were married. But we do know that they were together for at least four years before Bretman, his sister, and her mother moved to Hawaii from the Cagayan Valley in the Philippines in the early 2000s.

As for the reason for the divorce of Bretman’s parents, it was infidelity.

After Bretman caught his father in the act with another woman, he told his mother, and she immediately decided to walk away from him. However, divorces could not be obtained in the Philippines, they were annulled. So her mother had a hard time bringing him with her.

“In order for my mother to have the right to bring me here, I had to go to court and remember the dates and it’s like I’m reliving the images in my head. It was very traumatic,” Bretman recalled.

  • How many children did the Bretman Rock parents have?

Bretman’s parents have three children: Iver Laforgo, Bretman, and Princess Mae.

His older brother Iver lived in Ewa Beach, Hawaii as of 2022 and was married to Kisha Laforga with two children.

As for her younger sister, Princess Mae was in the spotlight thanks to Bretman. She was born on May 27, 2000 and welcomed her daughter Cleo Amore Amiotona into the world at the age of 16. In 2020, Mae gave birth to her second child, a boy named Ezékiel.

  • Where did Bretman Rock’s parents live?

Bretman’s father was living in the Philippines at the time of his death.

As for her mother, Mercedita had lived in Honolulu, Hawaii since 2022.

Supposedly, Bretman’s father also had Portuguese origins.

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