Bret Hart Can’t Pass On An Opportunity To Shoot On Goldberg

The rivalry between WWE Hall of Famers Bret Hart and Goldberg has spanned more than two decades at this point, but that hasn’t stopped The Killer from shooting at its former WCW rival when given the chance. Since 1999, Hart seems to take advantage of every opportunity to batter the former world champion. Even without mentioning Bill’s name, Bret seems to be trying to attack Goldberg, even though their careers appear to be over. and jewel In less than a month, it seems impossible”daman” will be selected by WWE for the event, with his wrestling career in the balance as his contract expires.

For the uninitiated (somehow), Hart’s problems with Goldberg stemmed from a match between the two in 1999. A false kick hit Killer, forcing him to retire early. . He will never forgive Goldberg for his misconduct, as evidenced by recent comments made during his signing at K&S WrestleFest. When asked who he wanted to wrestle with, Hart said: “Kurt Angle will be one of my main partners. He always wanted to work with me and I wish I could work with him. I enjoyed working with Brock Lesnar because I always heard he was a great fighter in the ring. Contrast with Goldberg. ” Hart also said that he enjoyed working with Rael Mysterio, stating that he is a “personThere is only one great masked wrestler in wrestling history. ” (h/t and thanks to for transcription)

Hart’s one-sided feud with Goldberg is sad at this point

Earlier this summer, Goldberg said he apologized to Hart for what happened. He said he will accept what happens between the two of you Star “Towards the Grave” At the same time, he said he would not continue to be upset about this. These comments from Bret Hart could complicate the process moving forward, and at this point the conflict between two of the all-time greats is simply sad.

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One can see where Hart comes from and why he is frustrated by what happened in 1999. However, harboring a grudge for a long time is not in his favor. However, this comment during the signing of K&S WrestleFest was mostly spontaneous. this”Opposite Goldberg“The line appears to be designed to hurt, and based on Goldberg’s comment, it may have hurt. Hart 65, Goldberg 55. Hopefully the two WWE Celebrities will eventually find one. see something in common…even though it’s in their 20s -The odd years since Hart’s injury have been that they haven’t had any sarcasm at each other.

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