Breaking Bad: 10 Hidden Details You Missed About A1A Car Wash

A1A Car Wash is a car wash in Albuquerque that is being used as a money laundering operation break BadThe main character of Walter “Walter” White. The high school teacher turned drug lord previously worked part-time at a car wash before resigning because of disrespect by his boss.

The car wash is a recurring location throughout the series. It first appeared in the pilot episode and eventually appeared in the critically acclaimed Season 5 episode “Ozymandias”. It hasn’t appeared in the prequel yet Better call Saul. While many things about it are obvious, here’s what viewers don’t know.


A1A Car Wash’s tagline is “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best”. This can be seen from the sign located on the wall near the cashier desk as well as outside. Walter seems to follow the same mantra, as he tried everything else before deciding to sell methamphetamine.

After a car wash, every customer is always told “there’s an A1 date,” a phrase Walt and Skyler came up with after they bought the company.

previous boss had a bad job

Breaking Bad - Bogdan Wolynetz at the car wash A1A

Walter started out as a cashier at A1A. However, owner Bogdan Volinec often makes him scrub cars because he lacks staff. But judging by the statements he made in the pilot episode, his lack of staff wasn’t because he didn’t have the money to pay extra. He just wants to take advantage of his employees.

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He told Walter: “The really important thing, not everyone knows this, it’s to be tough! The boss has to be tough, the boss has to be tough, everyone has to say ‘no’, the collection staff bankers have to clean cars even if they don’t think about it Can you be tough Point, Walter No money bodgen Boss must hire enough people to fit the current workload.

physical address

Walter and Skyler at the car wash

The address of the car wash is 9516 Snow Heights Cir NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112. This small detail can be seen in the documents that Bodgan gave to Skyler when he handed over the car wash.

Judging by the amount of time Walter and Skyler spend getting home from the car wash, it can be assumed that that time is close to where they live. Walt Jr. maybe even cycle to the car wash before picking up the car.


RJ Mitte as Walter Jr.

A1A car wash has six known employees. The first known employee was Walter. And Mariano, Luiz, Enrique and Martin.

Walter Jr. can also be classified as an employee because he worked as a cashier while not in school. Since Skyler is technically a co-owner, she cannot be considered an employee even though she does work as a teller from time to time.

The real value of a car wash and how much Skyler paid for it

White Skyler in Breaking Bad

When Skyler and Walt wanted to buy a car wash, Skyler did his homework and concluded that it was actually worth $879,000. This is after accounting for expenses and income. So she made an offer to Bogdan in the second episode of season 4, “Thirty Eight Snubs”.

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However, the owners offered $10 million because they hated Walter. He then increased it to $20 million. Therefore, Skyler was forced to use malicious methods to threaten Bogdan to close the factory. So he humbly accepted an offer of $879,000 for the next episode titled “Open House”. Knowing she had cornered him, Skyler lowered his bid to $800,000. This ends up being the final price.

Car wash in real life

Breaking Bad - Walt and Skyler outside the A1A car wash

The actual company name of A1A Car Wash during the filming of “Octopus Car Wash”. It is part of the larger Octopus brand, which has six car washes in various locations around Albuquerque. The business is owned by the Jurkens family.

However, in 2014, the business was acquired by Mister Car Wash, the largest car wash chain in the US at the time. The commercial chain has 134 car washes across the country. The specific car wash used for filming is still preferred by customers to this day.

student at walter’s car wash

Walt washes Chad's car at the A1A car wash in Breaking Bad

It’s easy to remember all the main characters, but it’s hard to remember the name of someone who only appeared in two seasons. Chad is the name of the student Walter found himself washing his car after being instructed to leave the cash register and help clean it.

Chad is the student Walter gets expelled for flirting with a girl. Then he drove his Chevrolet Corvette C6 to the A1A, and after realizing it was Walter washing the car, he started laughing and taking pictures of him.

How many customers does it serve?

Breaking Bad - Skyler and Hank's wife at the A1A car wash

Likewise, in the second episode of Season 4, titled “Thirty-eight Stalkers,” Skyler mentions that 19 cars an hour are washed at the A1A car wash. This means that if the business is open for about 10 hours a day, it can wash 190 cars.

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With this kind of traffic, Walter doesn’t seem to need to continue his drug-trafficking path anymore. If A1A stays in business, the income will support his family for years to come. But as he says, cooking meth isn’t just for the money. It made him feel alive.

The reason A1A was seized

Walt sitting at the counter in Breaking Bad

Why is AIA confiscated while Skyler is innocent? After Walter’s drug lord identity became public, the car wash was confiscated by the authorities because it was purchased with illegal money. Skyler was forced to work as a part-time taxi dispatcher and moved to a new place near Eubank.

Ed revealed this information to Walter in the final episode of season 5, “Granite”, when he visited him at his hideout, bringing him newspapers and food supplies. It is said that no new owners have taken over the car wash since then.

it can have a different name and owner

Breaking Bad Walter White at the car wash

According to the initial test script that creator Vince Gilligan presented to AMC in 2005, the name of the car wash was supposed to be Velvet-Touch Car Wash. The owner is also said to be an Iranian man named Amir.

Amir’s son also plans to become a car wash worker. After his son leaves, Amir orders Walter to go out and clean the car. It’s not clear why the name was changed, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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