Brave dog saves owner’s family from robbers

Dogs’ true loyalty and love for humans is incomparable and undisputed. Although in this story, a cute and loyal dog sacrificed his life to save his owner’s family from a thief.

This robbery happened in Indonesia when Achy Wijay, the dog’s owner, woke up and woke up his dog lying helplessly almost dead in the garden. The owner Achy listened all night when the dog was agitated and barking.


All the family members were sleeping when the thieves entered the house and wanted to steal the things, but the dog saw the thieves. The dog tried to scare the thieves and barked loudly in a fast-paced fashion but the family didn’t think it was a robbery, they just thought it was a dog barking at a cat. The dog fought and tried his best but was unfortunately injured by rude thieves.


The owners later said that the dog had saved them with a heroic act, but the dog did not survive. He passed away. The veterinarians were unable to save the dog even after a long struggle with the doctors. Rest in peace, sweet and true hero dog. The whole family is saddened by the loss of the dog. I wish you happiness in the new world.

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