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This visual conundrum left many observers confused. If you can quickly decipher a picture, you have a sharp eye. The car company, BP, shared this stunning image on Facebook with the caption: “If you have some spare time, try spending a few minutes solving this tricky brain teaser.” Doing optical illusions and visual challenges every day is a great way to keep your mind sharp. The image shows three frames lined up next to each other on a green background. The first box claims, “The car is in this box.” The second box says: “The car is not in this box.” The third frame declares, “The car is not in the first field.” Below these boxes are additional instructions: “Only one statement is correct,” advises the photo. Take your time, think about the presented puzzle and figure it out! This tricky brain teaser challenges puzzlers to spot the differences between two pictures inspired by a romantic getaway. If you can’t tell which box the car is in, it reveals that the car is actually inside box number 2.

(Source: The Sun)

In its Facebook post, BP stated that only one of the three statements was true, while the rest were false. If the car is in any of the boxes, one of the statements would inevitably be true. “This was really tricky,” remarked one of the puzzle solvers. Brain teasers and optical illusions are intriguing because they can disrupt your mind and test your perception.

But the challenge doesn’t stop there, as BP has come up with another cryptic challenge: this time featuring a couple with a car and a dog, with 10 differences hidden within the image. If you can spot all the differences within 15 seconds, you are considered a genius! Alternatively, you can try to find these differences at your own pace. In the second pair of photos, anyone can see the sunbathers on the beach, but it takes a high IQ to identify the seven differences within 35 seconds.

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