Brain teaser: Can you solve this logical reasoning puzzle in a minute?

Are you someone who brags about your logical reasoning skills? If so, we have a brain teaser that might confuse you. Are you ready to tackle this challenge?

Will you be able to solve it?

This puzzle was shared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Instagram. The question is: “If a family has two children, and at least one of the children is a boy, what is the probability that the family has two boys?”

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Check out this brain teaser here:

This brainteaser was shared on social media some time ago. Since it was posted, it has received several likes and comments.

Here’s what people are saying about this puzzle:

The individual wrote: “If there is approximately a 50% chance that any child born will be a boy, then the odds are 50% that the next will be a boy.”

Another said, “50%, because if one is definitely a boy, there are only boy-boy and girl-boy combinations to choose from.”

A third commented: “I’d say a little over 50%, since some men only produce sperm of one sex, so those who do would have their first male offspring slightly skewing the ratio to future male offspring.”

What do you think is the correct solution?

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