Bleach’s Return Officially Finds Its New Home For Streaming

return bleach Anime is highly anticipated because Thousands of bloody battles arc will serve as the final conclusion to the beloved mid-2000s series, but exactly where fans can watch the new episodes remains a mystery even as the October 10 premiere date approaches.Now, it’s finally revealed that Hulu will be Thousands of bloody battles The series will air in the United States and internationally on Disney+.

Even though Viz Media released a trailer to promote bleachAs recently as last week’s return, the company was mum on where fans could actually watch the show. Thousands of bloody battlesonly stating that the film will be aired at the same time as its Japanese release.

On October 3, Viz issued a press release, tweet It was confirmed that the streaming rights for the series have been acquired by Disney, and both parties Thousands of bloody battles and the original run bleach will debut on its streaming service starting on the 10th. In the U.S, Thousands of bloody battles will appear on Hulu, presumably to help Disney+ maintain its family-friendly reputation. However, Hulu is not available outside the United States, so the show will be available on Disney+.

When to watch bleachThe return of Hulu

The first episode will air on October 10, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. PDT and may be subtitled, but the press release did not specify. Viz has announced the show’s original cast bleach The dubs will be reprising their roles, so a dubbed version of the series is definitely on the way, but even so-called simultaneous dubs usually come with a brief delay. Disney is relatively new to anime-licensed games, so it will be interesting to see how they handle a major release like this.Disney’s classic animated films undoubtedly had a major impact on the development of animation as a unique medium and genre, so in a sense, the arrival of a major series like this bleach Bringing the entire cycle of Japanese animation back to its original inspiration.

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bleach: Thousands of bloody battles It will air in four parts, but release dates for subsequent parts have not yet been announced. There is only one week left before the start of school. bleach Fans will soon be able to see the bloody battle between the Soul Society and the Bandon Empire, setting the stage for the final plot of the story, which first launched 18 years ago in 2004. bleach Premiere first.

Be sure to see the premiere Death: Thousand Years of Bloody War Premieres on Hulu on October 10th.

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